Bo Bichette reportedly has a broken hand

This isn’t the kind of Large Adult Son content anybody wants to consume. Bo Bichette has reportedly suffered a broken left hand after getting hit by a pitch in Buffalo’s loss last night.

This is really unfortunate because Bichette was starting to heat up at the plate. Earlier on Monday, the Bisons named him Player of the Week for his .400 batting average and his seven runs batted in. For the season, Bichette is slashing a .250/.310/.404 line with one homer, eight runs batted in, three steals, five walks, and 10 strikeouts. He’s also the youngest player on the team not named Vlad Jr.

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Bichette is seeking a second opinion on the diagnosis, but given the accounts of him screaming in pain after getting hit last night, it doesn’t look good.

  • Barry

    The “second opinion” likely isn’t to determine whether or not it’s broken — I think you can be pretty certain a doctor is right when they say you broke your hand. So, I’m guessing that the “second opinion” is about whether it requires surgery, which is often the recommendation for broken hands.

    • HNZ

      No its not what is often recommended. I’ve broken my hand, had a really bad boxers fracture. They only recommend surgery for function or cosmetic reasons which is all dependent on the break. I had knuckles sunken, and bones almost down to my wrist shattered. To this day im lifting pretty heavy weights with it.

      • Barry

        That’s your individual experience, but you’re not an MLB/MILB player, and I imagine the demands on a hand for someone who bats/pitches might be different than for someone who boxes or lifts weights. It IS often recommended. Longoria, Bumgarner, Cano, Dejong, Zimmer, Lucas, Tebow … I can come up with more if I do some more Googling, but it depends on how we want to define “often.” I think seven surgeries in less than two years should be enough to establish “often.”

        • Barry

          Addition: And of course, it’s dependent on the break, and that’s why, I believe, Bichette is seeking a second opinion — to determine if surgery is the best option for dealing with this particular break.

          • Barry

            I have no idea — I’m trying to speak from a baseball perspective, and you’re trying to relate it to boxing and weightlifting. Perhaps digital manipulation is more essential in pitching and hitting than simple pounding — I don’t know, and to be honest, I don’t care, because it’s all irrelevant, because your lol’ing ignores the bulk of my post, which demonstrates that surgery IS often recommended, contrary to your claim, and I listed seven recent instances of surgery, and could easily rattle off several more.

            I wonder why you chose to ignore that?

            (Spoiler: I’m not actually wondering.)