Daily Duce: Tim Tebow getting struck out by a position player edition


I was meaning to start doing these things regularly this season but, for whatever reason, that hasn’t happened. Anyways, I wanted to post about Tim Tebow getting struck out by a journeyman first baseman in last night’s Triple-A Bisons game, so here we are. Let’s hope I can make this a regular part of the routine.

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The Bisons got absolutely spanked last night by the Mets Triple-A squad, losing 16-2. Sean Reid-Foley left the game after four innings due to an injury (that apparently isn’t serious), the Bisons’ bullpen got lit up, and everyone on the Syracuse Mets managed to get a hit except for one guy — Tim Tebow.

Tebow went 0-for-4 with a walk and the highlight of his night came in the ninth inning when he was struck out by the surprisingly-hard-throwing position player Jordan Patterson. If you don’t recognize that name, I don’t blame you. Patterson is a 27-year-old former draft pick of the Colorado Rockies who played 10 games in the Majors in 2016. He inked a minor league deal with the Jays organization in the off-season as depth for Buffalo.

Tebow, who is now in his third full season as a baseball player, is slashing a .156/.239/.227 line for the Baby Mets. Despite the Mets glut of injuries, it’s looking like we aren’t going to be seeing Tebow get the call to the big leagues this year.

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I know that shouldn’t be a surprise, but, you know, it’s the Mets. So coming into the season, it seemed like an inevitability that if Tebow could just be, like, somewhat respectable at the plate, the Mets would call him up to help sell tickets. So if you want to watch Tim Tebow play baseball this year, you’re probably going to have to make the trip to a minor league stadium.

Drew Fairservice pointed out a wildly depressing stat this morning, letting us know that this year’s version of the Blue Jays has a collective slash line of .218/.281/.376. For the sake of comparison, Ryan Goins slashed a .237/.286/.356 line in 2017. So, uh, yeah. This year’s Jays are collectively Ryan Goins in 2017.

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The team has scored 209 runs, which is good for a whopping 3.8 runs per game. That puts them on pace to plate 616 runs, which would be their lowest total in a 162-game season since their expansion days in the late 1970s.

They’re also on pace to win just 62 games this season. That, again, is a mark only matched by the terrible immediate post-expansion teams in the late 70s. If the team goes through with trading Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, and Ken Giles as I imagine they will, the Jays could very easily challenge for a new 162-game season franchise low of 52 wins.

Like I said, this team is going to be fun! Very cool!

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I’m sure you’ve already seen Randal Grichuk misreading this ball that was hit up into the roof of the House of Horrors that ultimately resulted in a game-changing inside-the-park homer last night. But check out this criticism of Grichuk, an enthusiast of playing the game the right way, and his poor effort to get to the ball. And then look at who liked the criticism. Hmmmm.

Guh. This is all depressing. Let’s get to some more positive stuff.

Alejandro Kirk is killing it since being promoted from Low-A to High-A. Kirk went three-for-three last night with a couple of doubles and is now slashing a .367/.456/.551 line with Dunedin. Also, speaking of the low minors, Griffin Conine, who was suspended in the off-season for using a banned substance, will be set to join the Low-A Lugnuts soon.