Bichette and the Blue Jays sweep Royals amid trade deadline chaos

In a series that is bound to be endlessly forgotten due to the circumstances under which it was played, the Blue Jays, one of the most active team’s at this year’s trade deadline, trounced the lowly Kansas City Royals in a series best described as “transparent” this week. Led valiantly by Bo Bichette and the…


Blue Jays are prisoners of the moment, but only for now

In discussing Marcus Stroman’s trade value with Shi Davidi and Ben Nicholson-Smith on a recent episode of Sportsnet’s At the Letters podcast, writer and insider Arden Zwelling perfectly summed up the difficulty and complexity of evaluating Stroman-like trades. “In terms of sports commentary and fandom, we’re such prisoners to the moment,” Zwelling remarked. “You have…


American League Pennant Odds Update 07/31/19

by OddsShark (@OddsShark) – Sponsored Post A ghastly run by their starting rotation has not budged the New York Yankees from top spot on the American League pennant odds, but it might be a nudge for backers to look beyond the Bronx for value. Heading into Major League Baseball’s trade deadline on Wednesday, the Yankees…


Blue Jays acquire Derek Fisher for Sanchez, Biagini

Around the MLB, as soon as 4:00 pm ET hit, there was a flurry of trades that were finalized with mere seconds left until the deadline — in one of the many, the Blue Jays acquired outfielder Derek Fisher from the Houston Astros fo Aaron Sanchez, Joe Biagini, and Cal Stevenson.


Daily Duce: The post-Stroman trade reaction edition

Daily?????!!!!! We all knew Marcus Stroman was going to be traded, but this isn’t exactly how we expected it to go down. The Jays pulled the trigger on a deal with, out of left field, the Mets, a few days prior to the trade deadline, resulting in some pretty mixed reviews on the return. There’s a lot…


In defense of the Marcus Stroman trade

Last week, Blue Jays Nation’s fearless leader Cam Lewis perfectly described the Blue Jays’ precarious situation with Marcus Stroman; it was the “boat versus the mystery box” dilemma. The Blue Jays had a boat in the form of Marcus Stroman, but they could trade him for a mystery box, which could have anything inside. That’s…


Series Preview: New Beginnings

The Blue Jays said goodbye to their longest-tenured player recently. There’s no speculation about where Marcus Stroman could be traded to anymore. Surprisingly, the New York Mets are the ones who will become the new home for Stro-Show. While some fans may still be upset over Stroman being dealt in the first place, all of…