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The Blue Jays would like to remind you to never leave the game early

Even if you’re down 9-2 to the team with the best overall team earned run average in Major League Baseball, it isn’t a good idea to leave the game early. The Blue Jays reminded everybody of that fact this afternoon.

Ryan Borucki made his second start of the season and had a rough time. He surrendered six earned runs, both on three-run homers, over the course of two innings. Sammy G came in to mop up the mess and gave up two more runs over three innings. In the eighth inning, Tampa Bay seemed to be cruising their way to an easy win with a 7-3 lead.

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And then this happened.

Suddenly it’s 9-5 and we kinda sorta have a game. And then this happened.

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Hoooly shit, it’s a one-run game! And then THIS happened.

The Blue Jays scored six runs in the eighth and ninth to erase what was once a seven-run deficit. After some extra innings ball, this finally happened.

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Teoscar Hernandez hit a solo walk-off bomb to complete the comeback and give the Jays the win. The players spilled out from the bench like they had just won the World Series and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Despite the frustrations and lows of the difficult season, despite the fact they’re like 25 games under .500, despite the fact they’re facing a team that can suck your will to live out of your soul with lock-down pitching, the young Jays didn’t give up and clawed their way back to a win.

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You have to love the team’s resilience and energy. It’s moments like these that allow you to see something special coming together.