Nicknames revealed for Player’s Weekend jerseys

Coming up on the third Player’s Weekend, the nicknames for the current Blue Jays roster, that will appear on their jerseys from August 23rd to the 25th, have been released.

This will mark the third consecutive three-day period that all of Major League Baseball will be participating in the event that allows players to sport nicknames on their jerseys and put on some stylized equipment, to show some personality in the game.

Other than having some colourful look as years previous, the league decided to go for the “white-out” look and display a very bland and blank template for jerseys. If player’s take advantage of this and take out the Sharpies like they’re unsheathing some creative sword, that would make it a whole lot better.

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As for the Blue Jays, an infinite amount of kudos to both Derek Fisher and Jacob Waguespack going with their own names, it takes the true creative spirit to abide to the original.

Some of the more obvious nicknames include Danny Jansen going with “Jano”, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. having something related to “Pina Power” and Ken Giles’ patented “100 Miles Giles”.

Obviously, some built-in nicknames like Buddy Boshers has as “Buddy”, is just a bonus for the player. One of the nicknames to go over some heads is definitely Teoscar Hernandez’s “Mr. Seeds”. This is most likely due to his role in the dugout for dishing out some earned sunflower seeds onto the heads of whoever hits a significant home run — it’s a tough task and he’s deserving of the nickname.

This year, the Blue Jays are missing some key pieces from previous years, such as “Bringer of Rain” and “HDMH”, but there is still a ton of content to be had for players.

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Such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s choice of “El K”. The rookie phenom will be the Blue Jays’ Player’s Weekend ambassador for the team — representing the dynamic shift this clubhouse has seen since the trade deadline, instilling the young rookies as the present and future of this team.

During the festivities, the Blue Jays will be in Seattle facing off against the Mariners. With their own row of personalities on the team, it should be a fairly interesting row of games to watch for both on and off the field.