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Freddy Galvis claimed off waivers by the Reds

This is completely out of the blue. The Cincinnati Reds have reportedly claimed Freddy Galvis on waivers.

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Remember, the second trade deadline isn’t a thing anymore, so this isn’t Galvis going on revocable waivers. This is simply the Jays moving on from Galvis which is… again, a little out of the blue.

My best guess is that Galvis’ agent requested for the veteran to be given a new opportunity elsewhere as his playing dime has been diminished since the team has prioritized the development of Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio in the middle infield. Galvis is having far and away the best season of his career offensively and could cash in on a pretty decent payday if he can have a strong finish to the season.

Beyond just doing Galvis a solid, the Jays also get out from under Galvis’ $1 million buyout next season. I mean, for a Major League Baseball team, that’s peanuts, but it does give the front office a tiny bit more financial flexibility, which is something we know is important to them. Also from a Jays perspective, the team now has a spot open on the 40-man for a possible waiver claim of their own in August. Just last week they grabbed a nice reclamation project in Zack Godley, so maybe we see another claim like that before the end of the season.

The corresponding roster move is Billy McKinney re-joining the team…

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  • AD

    This front office is terrible, complete asset mismanagement. Couldnt they have gotten a decent B level prospect for him at the deadline? Whats the point if signing him last winter if you are just gonna give him away for nothing. I’ve lost major faith in this FO this season.

    • Cam Lewis

      I love how sure you are that there’s this popping trade market for Freddy Galvis that the front office just chose to ignore for giggles.

      I mean, Eric Sogard, who was having a better season and costs much less than Galvis, managed to net two PTBNLs. This is doing a veteran guy a solid. Nothing to melt down over.

    • The Humungus

      If they could have gotten something for him 2 weeks ago, he would have been traded then. Even the reports then were that they had no one biting on Galvis or Smoak.

      So, if you want to call the front office terrible, how about you remember first that trading Galvis WOULD HAVE REQUIRED ANOTHER TEAM TO BE INTERESTED IN PARTING WITH SOMETHING OF VALUE TO GET HIM,

      • The Humungus


    • Jeff2sayshi

      I agree that it’s not exactly the smartest move I’ve seen, but I disagree with the “couldn’t they have gotten SOMETHING” line of thought. I highly doubt they were holding him to release him two weeks later if there was a trade partner out there. There likely wasn’t.

      That said… he was under team control for next year, and there was ability to trade him in the offseason. Having a player like that to mentor for a month and a half your two young middle infielders is not nothing. Saying they did him a solid seem disingenuous when he ends up with the Reds. That means he made it through the entire AL first and nobody wanted him before making it to the Reds. And if the Reds don’t claim him, then what? Do we hear that he’s been released? As mentioned in the article these aren’t revocable waivers like last year.

      • The Humungus

        Right? Like, 18 teams passed on him before he got to the Reds. And that was just for money.

        As far as the option goes, no one is exercising a $4.5M option ($5.5M salary less the $1M buyout that is due regardless) on Freddy Galvis. He’s a $2M-$3M player in the current economics of the game.

        • Dexxter

          I’m sure the Jays didn’t ignore opportunities to trade him at the deadline… but I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t any interest.

          A great defensive SS giving you almost league average production with the bat? A great teammate with some sneaky power and an option for next year at a reasonable price?

          I expected someone would offer something for him… but I guess not.

          • Cincinnatus C.

            Freddy Galvis is an adequate, not great, defensive SS. He’s in the lower middle of the pack in most metrics, as he usually has been–for his career he’s got a -7 DRS at short. He’s also 19th out of 25 qualified major league shortstops in wRC+, in a career year. He was always just insurance in case Bo couldn’t play short. If there was ever an argument to be had about him it was whether they overpaid for him in the first place, but even adequate defensive major league shortstops don’t grow on trees.

  • Shawkr

    I am utterly nonplussed at the number of fans who are prepared to think the front office is not just bad at their job, but grossly incompetent. Ok, so you don’t like their approach to team-building or the way they evaluation players. Fine, that’s a legit line of complaint, though not one I share. But to think that Atkins just ignored offers for Galvis at the deadline or forgot to call back the Twins about Stroman or just never considered extending Stroman…these are fucking insane thoughts.