The Blue Jays won’t lose 100 games this season

With last night’s 4-3 win over the Yankees in New York, the Jays picked up their 63rd win on the season. This ensures the team won’t hit the 100-loss plateau for the first time since the 1970s post-expansion years.

The final eight games in the season will determine whether or not 2019 is the worst season in the Blue Jays history since those expansion days. The Jays currently sit with a 63-91 record. Three more losses would match them with a 2004 team that was shockingly bad considering it featured strong seasons from Orlando Hudson, Carlos Delgado, Ted Lilly, and Vernon Wells.

Also, the final eight games of the season will determine how Toronto will fare at next year’s draft. On one hand, you’d like for the team not to set a new post-expansion franchise standard for losing, but, on the other, the higher the draft pick the better.

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Detroit is solidly entrenched in last with their whopping 45 wins, Baltimore is just ahead of them 50 wins, Miami has 53 wins, and Kansas City has 56. None of those teams are catching up to the Jays, who sit fifth-last in baseball with their 63 wins, but Toronto could jump Seattle and Pittsburgh, who sit at 65 wins, Colorado, who sits at 66 wins, and the White Sox, who have 67 wins.

The Jays have two more games against New York and then they’ll head home to finish off the season with two three-game series against Baltimore and Tampa Bay.