Photo Credit: Laura Armstrong, @Lauraarmy Twitter

The Blue Jays have “new threads coming soon”

Twitter was sent into a frenzy today as the Blue Jays mailed out packages to Toronto media members containing a baseball that read “New threads coming soon #NewBlue.” This clearly means the Jays are adding a new uniform to their collection.

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We’ll apparently see these new uniforms unveiled on Jan. 18 at the team’s annual Winter Fest at the Rogers Centre.

Given the fact the font on the baseball is powder blue, I’m going to go ahead and guess this is going to end up being a revamped version of the old school powder blue jerseys we haven’t seen in a few years. I mean, the aesthetic of the package is dark and edgy looking, so it could be a completely different thing, but, given the font colour, the hashtag, and the general love most of the fanbase has for the old powder blues, it makes sense.

I doubt we see the Jays scrap their current set of blue, white, and road grey, given that they have some of the best uniforms in the game, but adding another throwback jersey to the mix would make sense. MLB switched to Nike as their jersey partner this year and we expect to see some new uniforms all around the league because of it, which is standard practice when a new supplier enters the fold.

Personally, I love the powder blue look and hope that’s what they’re rolling with. I’m not sure I’m a fan of them trying the dark look again, mostly because my memories from the angry bird jersey days aren’t positive. I mean, they didn’t play well in the powder jerseys either, but at least they looked good.

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THIS would be a nightmare…