John Gibbons is interviewing for the Astros’ managerial gig

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Houston Astros don’t have a manager right now. A.J. Hinch was fired after being suspended by Major League Baseball for one year due to his role in the Astros cheating their way to a World Series title in 2017.

Among those being interviewed for Houston’s open managerial gig are none other than our old friend John Gibbons.

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Other names who have been linked to the job are Astros bench coach Joe Espada (who wasn’t around in 2017), former Rangers manager and back-to-back ALDS runner-up Jeff Banister, long-time veteran managers Dusty Baker, Buck Showalter, and Bruce Bochy, and former players Will Venable (Cubs third-base coach), and Raúl Ibañez (Dodgers special advisor).

Gibby has been hanging around and enjoying life since being let go by the Blue Jays after the 2018 season. He was paid by the Blue Jays last year as his contract ran through 2019, but now he’s officially unemployed.

Being Texas born and raised and being a complete treasure makes Gibby a natural fit for this job. The Astros absolutely could not be a less likable organization right now (thanks to this whole cheating thing along with their horrific, misogynistic PR failures that came during the playoffs) so bringing a very likable, no bullshit manager into the mix would help them on that front.

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