The Blue Jays have signed Austin Martin

Austin Martin is officially a Toronto Blue Jay.

The fifth-overall pick from the 2020 draft has agreed to a deal with the Blue Jays, pending a physical, but the details are unknown.

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The assigned slot value for the fifth-overall pick is $6,180,700, but it’s reasonable to assume the Jays went over-slot. Martin was projected to go as high as second overall in the draft and it was rumoured at he was looking for a signing bonus of at least $7,000,000.

Being a client of Scott Boras, it was assumed that negotiations with Martin would go all the way down to the wire of the Aug. 1 deadline, but the deal ultimately got done well in advance. First overall pick Spencer Torkelson agreeing to a deal with the Detroit Tigers was probably the domino that needed to fall in order for the Jays and Martin to agree on a signing bonus.

The Jays now have four of their five draft picks from this year’s class signed. Second- and third-round picks C.J. Van Eyk and Trent Palmer signed over-slot deals and fifth-round pick Zack Britton signed an under-slot deal. The only player left to sign is fourth-round pick Nick Frasso, but we don’t yet know how much space the Jays have in their bonus pool to sign him.

With Martin signed, he can now be added to the Blue Jays’ 60-man player pool in order to join the team’s summer training camp and, eventually, their minor-league camp once the season gets rolling.

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We can also start shouting CALL HIM UP!