The Texas Rangers, yet again, are mad at somebody for hitting a home run off of them

Fernando Tatis Jr. is quickly becoming one of the faces of baseball.

He’s a young and dynamic player who does pretty much everything well. He has a big bat, a slick glove, speed on the bases, and plays with energy and enthusiasm every game.

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On Monday night against the Texas Rangers, Tatis Jr. continued his torrid start to the season with a two-homer game, pushing his league-leading home run total to 11 and his league-leading RBI total to 28. First, Tatis hit a three-run bomb in the seventh inning, and then, shortly after, he came up to the plate in the eighth inning and crushed a grand slam.

This, of course, was an issue for the Texas Rangers, who take their position of baseball’s Fun Police incredibly seriously. According to Rangers’ manager Chris Woodward, Tatis Jr. broke an¬†unwritten rule¬†by swinging at a 3-0 pitch while up by seven runs.

“I didn’t like it personally,” Woodward said. “You’re up by 7 in the 8th inning, it’s typically not a good time 3-0. It’s kind of the way we were all raised in the game. But … the norms are being challenged.”

Ironically, the only grand slam of Woodward’s career came in 2004 in the ninth inning of a game in which the Blue Jays were beating the Orioles 10-4.

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This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if Woodward just had sour grapes after the game. I mean, his team just got spanked and he’s going to be a little rattled after the game. A pretty big weenie look, but not the end of the world. But it’s what happened after the homer that’s cause for concern…

You’re throwing at a guy because you got you threw a shitty pitch and allowed a grand slam? Fuck off.

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Just like with Jose Bautista back in 2015, if you don’t want a guy smashing a ball into space and chucking his bat in triumph because it was the biggest moment his team and fans had seen in over two decades, don’t leave a goddamn meatball over the plate.

Tatis surely has his eyes set on winning MVP or leading the league in homers or even earning the triple crown this year. He’s going to try to hit every single ball that comes his way and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. If you have a problem with it, pitch better!

Death, taxes, and the Texas Rangers filling their diapers every time they get clowned. Good lord, guys. Grow the fuck up.

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