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Mark Shapiro dunks on the Yankees (and provides injury updates)

Mark Shapiro appeared on SN590’s Tim and Sid on Thursday to discuss a handful of things, but, most importantly, he took the opportunity to poke fun at the Yankees for being piss babies about the situation at Sahlen Field.

This, of course, is in reference to the Yanks suggesting that the lightning had something to do with Toronto’s epic 10-run inning on Monday…

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Tim: I know that a bleep load of work went into finding a suitable home. And I say ‘bleep load’ to emphasize just how much work went into it. So after Toronto, after Pittsburgh, after Baltimore, did it hurt a little bit to hear the Yankees complaining?

Shapiro: No, again, I was hoping that would happen. I remember one meeting Ross and I had with some of our veteran players and we were talking about ‘hey man, this has got a chance to be an advantage for us.’

I talked to a good friend of mine, Robby Thompson, the second baseman for the San Francisco Giants. He talked to me about Candlestick Park and just saying ‘listen man, that was the most miserable place to play you could ever imagine and we loved it. Every night we listen to the other team roll in and whine and complain and moan about the wind and the cold and how far the bathrooms were and we just made it our advantage.’

Our operations team did such a great job making it a Major League environment that we didn’t hear any complaints… until the Yankees and then they complained. I was hoping that would happen. I was happy to hear that.

Sid: If I gave up 10 runs in an inning I would be making up excuses as well.

Shapiro: Everybody who struggles has that choice. There is always an objective reason why you should be struggling. Either you take the excuse or you find a way out and have a plan. I think that’s the theme of our season. No home, no problem. We lose our best player, no problem. We lose our second best player, next man up. We lose our closer, fine. We lose our second closer, next man up.

Our guys have just continued to grind it out and perservere which is something for all of us to be proud of, I think. And it bodes well for the team not just this year but beyond as well.

Fuck me, what a burn.

It was hilarious to hear Shapiro say that nobody had complained about the situation in Buffalo and then go on to say until the Yankees with an inflection that indicated that them pissing their pants was the most predictable thing ever.

Shapiro clearly has a lot of pride in his voice when he talks about how resilient the Blue Jays have been this season, navigating not having a home and then grinding through all of the injuries they’ve faced, and then juxtaposing that with the Yankees trying to pin a 10-run meltdown on the lightning at the stadium was just fantastic.

You love to see it.

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Anyways, while that was the entertaining part of the interview, Shapiro also provided a couple of injury updates when asked about the status of Bo Bichette and Rowdy Tellez…

Sid: Do you have a day yet on Bo Bichette’s return this weekend? And, Rob Longley from the Toronto Sun last night reported Rowdy Tellez is probably done for the year. Do you have an update on Rowdy?

Shapiro: Yeah, I mean, my update would be Rob must have better information than any of us including our doctors. Yeah, there’s a probability, but that’s going to be determined by how Rowdy reacts and how Rowdy heals and what his tolerance is and how his body responds to the injury which is different for every player. So, we’re certainly hopeful that Rowdy’s year isn’t over and medical precedent says that’s entirely possible he’ll be back. But I’m not hiding anything, that’s just the information we have.

And Bo, we’re already pushing the timeframe with Bo, but we’re going to be very careful about how he responds. So far it’s all positive, no negative, but he hasn’t played nine innings at shortstop yet. And we need to get him to play nine innings in a game before we activate him at the Major League level and then we need to give him a day of rest after that or be congizant that he’s going to DH.

So all of those things are factoring in, the timeframe hasn’t changed. It’s certainly going to be in the next two to four games but when that is will come down to how each day goes and how he responds and what puts him in the best interest to not just get back but stay back.

So the Bo news isn’t anything major, really. We know he’s going to be back at some point this weekend, it just might not be on Friday like we’re all hoping. The Rowdy point was interesting because the Longley tweet made it seem as though he was surely done for the year, but that might not actually be the case. Given the fact there are only a few weeks left in the season, I would guess that we don’t see Rowdy again, but never say never.

Anyways, it’s a good and worthwhile interview to listen to. Shapiro absolutely raves about the work the team has done this season and how they’re set up for the future, mentioning that the Blue Jays are becoming a team that other teams are nervous to face. It’s good off-day content to get you excited for the stretch run.

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