The 2020 World Series will be held at the Texas Rangers’ new ballpark

The World Series will be awarded this fall in Arlington, but, as usual, the Rangers won’t be the recipients.

Major League Baseball has announced its plans for the post-season, which will feature bubbles in Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, and Arlington…

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The wild-card round will be a three-game series hosted at the home park of the higher-seeded team and then, after that, teams will relocate to their respective bubbles, with the National League teams going to Texas and the American League teams going to California.

Another wild thing about this year’s post-season is that there won’t be any off-days. The wild-card round will be three days in a row, the Division Series will be five days in a row, and the Championship Series will be seven days in a row. Only in the World Series will there be days off in between games.

That wrinkle certainly favours teams that have deep bullpens, as the Blue Jays do.

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Also speaking of competitive advantages… The Blue Jays have a 4-0 record in post-season games in Texas, soooooo, ya know.

Anyways, the post-season starts in a couple of weeks and the Jays have nearly punched their ticket to the big dance. They’re a team with nothing to lose and no major expectations, so everything after clinching really is gravy.

But winning the World Series in Texas? Man, that would be hilarious.

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