About Last Night… That Sweet Home Cookin

Finally back home following a horrendous road trip, the Jays looked to Francisco Liriano to get them off on the right foot against the A’s. Things didn’t start too great for Liriano however, walking the first two batters. Liriano escaped the inning with only one run against though after finding the zone, and with a…


About Last Night… Jays Open Series With Win Against the Sox

Starting off a series against the division rival Red Sox, the Jays needed to bounce back from their rough end against the Tigers. To do so, they’d look to Marcus Stroman. The Jays got out in front early, something we rarely see, with a Kendrys Morales double off of the green monster and an incredibly…


About Last Night… That Wasn’t Any Fun

Oh man, that was bad. So, so bad. Compounded by the fact that it looked like the boys were actually pulling themselves up by their stirrups and getting back to respectability that was rough.  Not even a tequila induced stupor could wipe that gem from memory, so if you’re strong enough, let’s relive it together,…


About Last Night… That’s Called A Winning Streak

Well wouldn’t you know it, the Blue Jays have put together three in a row. Building off of the wins against the Yankees, things didn’t look great to start. The Jays squandered a huge opportunity to get in front in the bottom of the first, only to see Marwin Gonzalez put the Astros up with…


About Last Night (Err, This Afternoon)… Finally A Win!

We’ve got ourselves a win! After almost entirely forgetting what it exactly feels like to enjoy victory, the boys in blue put together a non-shitty outing against a division rival. Riding the back of an excellent JA Happ start, the offense even decided to put some runs on the board and take a lead early….