Jason Grilli was offered a Blue Jays broadcast gig, but turned it down

One year ago, Jason Grilli was nearing the end of his brief-but-dramatic tenure as a Toronto Blue Jay. He was like a comet. Grilli came into town, burned brilliant, but faded away shortly after. He finished the 2017 season with the Texas Rangers, but for all intents and purpose, he’s essentially retired.


There are reasons for optimism for the Blue Jays in June

May was the month from hell for the Blue Jays. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong … even a few things the club could’ve never foreseen went wrong, too. May was an abysmal month for the Blue Jays. Their 9-19 record was the fourth-worst May in franchise history and that .321 winning percentage was…


What was up with that Martin-Porcello dust-up last night?

Last night’s 8-3 loss at Fenway Park was a fairly forgettable contest for the Blue Jays. A subpar start by Marco Estrada, insurance runs given up by the bullpen combined with nine men left on base by the Blue Jays … that’s been typical of this team as of late.


Is there really a ‘dark side’ to Jays Twitter?

Hands up if you’ve ever had a negative experience with someone on Twitter or Facebook. So, is that just about everybody, then? If you look hard enough, there’s a dark, sinister, hate-filled corner of the internet. Most times, you don’t even need to go looking for it because it shows up at your doorstep in…


Scouting the Blue Jays’ New Secret Bullpen Weapon: Kendrys Morales

The Toronto Blue Jays have had a secret weapon in their bullpen for over a year; they’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity to unleash it. That day was this past Sunday and their secret weapon was Kendrys Morales. In the midst of a 9-0 blowout at the hands of the Oakland A’s, John Gibbons…


Is Kendrys Morales obsolete on the Blue Jays?

The days of the full-time designated hitter are essentially on death’s doorstep. Teams are no longer pooling resources into players who can affect change on only one side of the ball. Straight-up DH’s are becoming the way of the dinosaur.