A guide for how to behave at baseball games

To begin the 2018 Blue Jays season, I wrote ‘A Guide On How Not To Be That Person At A Blue Jays Game‘. It was to help every human out there who might unknowingly be that person. It happens. It’s okay. We all have our flaws.


Get Metsmerized – Some Stories Should Never Be 86’d

When I look back on growing up in the eighties, I think about Steven Spielberg movies, Star Wars, riding my BMX bike, and playing Nintendo. My favourite Blue Jays were Rance Mulliniks, Tony Fernandez, George Bell, Jesse Barfield, and Dave Stieb. My mom let me pick out my clothes from a Sears catalogue. I wasn’t allowed…


Ricky Romero has a podcast and it’s awesome

I wake up at dawn every morning and I stare out the window of my condo. I gaze out at the glass walls and old brick that block the beautiful sunrise. A modern city with fingerprints of its old past pressing on the new streets. The light tries to slip through the cracks. I stand…


It’s All Fortnite Madness

The Jays are heading into their final stretch of spring training games, as Charlie’s ship has set sail. There has been a hypnotist, maybe a ventriloquist, or even a contortionist to help the players bond and have a laugh. But, there is news breaking that is no laughing matter: BREAKING: #BlueJays to impose pre-game curfew…


Tip Of The Cap To Toronto’s Front Office

Last year, I interviewed Jays prospect Brayden Bouchey. After I got off the phone with the young pitcher, I thought about how most minor-league players don’t sign big contracts, or have a MLB royal bloodline like Guerrero, Biggio, or Bichette. Most of these young men are working hard to make ends meet while chasing their…


An Optimistic Look At The 2019 Jays

I came up with the idea to do an optimistic, pessimistic, and realistic take on the 2019 Jays season. I ran it past Cam a couple of weeks ago and he was all in on us doing this before the season begins in two weeks. So, let’s get at the optimistic Jays take and how…


You’re probably going to want to pay attention to the Buffalo Bisons this year

It’s official: The Toronto Blue Jays are ‘teaching championship baseball’. Teaching championship baseball. That's the Blue Jay way. #LetsGoBlueJays pic.twitter.com/SbUtzaP20V — Toronto Blue Jays (@BlueJays) March 11, 2019 Because…That’s the Blue Jays way. Unfortunately, when I walk up Blue Jays Way, I still see the names of players like Bautista, Encarnacion, Tulowitzki, and Price painted…


Oh no, Vlad Jr. is dealing with an injury

Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro must have the Hall and Oates blasting this morning because… #Bluejays say Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. will be sidelined three weeks with a Grade 1 oblique strain, suffered Friday. It means he's out for the rest of the Grapefruit League season and will miss Montreal. So at least we won't be…


Choosing the Blue Jays Hashtag for 2019

This is some serious satirical stuff that I’m typing up here because I’m pretty bored and just want the season to start already. I’d like to say that I appreciate all the hardworking folks who are a part of the Jays’ PR team (and this post is in good fun). Actually, I appreciate all hardworking…