On the Blue Jays’ pursuit of a good culture

It wasn’t that long ago that Mark Shapiro said this about the type of culture that the organization is trying to build: We need to have a culture that is built upon some very clear and defined values: that the identity and the traits and attributes of what a Blue Jays player is; and what…


The under-the-radar win of the off-season for the Blue Jays

Sometimes when I think of what my hell would be like I imagine being trapped in a nightclub that blasts EDM, or any kind of dance music, and there is no way out. Imprisoned there forever. I can’t imagine anything worse than that infernal space. That’s why I try to do my best not to…


Which former Jay is most likely to win the World Series?

My old Casino Niagara days are long gone, and I don’t bet anymore – I don’t even play ProLine. I kind of stopped the whole betting thing because, ya know, I hate losing. It’s also why I don’t play the lottery because I don’t want to feel like a loser every single week. I’ve never…


Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie ol’ Gibbers here, I know that you’re in Dunedin now workin’ under that lazy Florida sun and you’re ready and rarin’ to go, so ol’ Gibbers doesn’t want to take up too much of your time. And the truth is, I don’t want to take up too much of my time either. I’ve…


The Large Adult Son Has Arrived in Dunedin

It’s Family Day weekend in most parts of Canada, and the thicc-est member of the Blue Jays family has arrived today. The 80-bat king of the sons is ready to murder some grapefruit balls, as every fan continues to gush and take hard swigs from the bottle of Vlad.


Blue Jays projected to have a 2019 payroll of $108.5 million

Imagine a baseball organization that went out and spent money just because they could? Wouldn’t that be some cool shit? Imagine being a fan of a team that doesn’t give a shit about the luxury tax? Wouldn’t that be some cooler shit? Imagine the two best 26-year-old free agents not being signed by the time…


Baseball is finally (sort of) back!

As the ice pelts our faces and winter hurricanes throw their big winter middle fingers at every person living in cold regions on this planet, (most of) the best baseball players are heading south to Florida to rip and flippin’ roar on the diamonds – trying to impress their skip for a roster spot.


Vlad season is almost upon us

There is nothing better than winter days, snowstorms, and the cold air eating your face. I mean, what Canadian doesn’t love to wake up in the early morning to the beautiful dark sky? And what Canadian doesn’t love to leave work to the beautiful dark sky, too? It sincerely is the most wonderful time of…