Fowles: “Hope” is the Thing with (Blue Jay) Feathers

Photo credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports If there’s anything the last few weeks of baseball have taught us, it’s that you just never know with this glorious, terrible, beautiful, infuriating game. Sure, you can guess. You can rely on the math, surround yourself with stats, and use the past to make predictions about the future….


Fowles: Sports Twitter Etiquette (LOL)

Image via Wahoo Sam Now before I start things off I want to say I truly, deeply love Sports Twitter. For someone who, in “real life,” doesn’t have a great deal of sports-watching friends, it has been a real haven, a place to share jubilant moments and lament heartbreaking losses. Freelancing can indeed be a…


Fowles: About Last Night

Photo credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports Last night’s game in New York was already “officially over” by the time the rain hit. If the weather hadn’t cooperated, they’d have just called it a win for the Yankees, sent everyone home, and we’d all be having very different, very miserable feelings right about now. When it…


We’re Number One/This Is The Worst Part

Photo credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports If I’m totally honest with myself, this is my least favourite part of the baseball season. Once we crest over the one hundred game mark, settle into the final third, and see October in the distance, I find myself exhausted more often than not. Unless my team is…


Introducing “Good Guy” Scott Feldman

Photo credit: Trey Taormina-USA TODAY Sports Trade deadline day felt a great deal like watching overwrought undergrads turn in their final papers with only a few minutes to spare. For a long time there was mostly frustrating radio silence, the only sound the constant click of our Twitter feeds being endlessly refreshed. Then, all of…


Fowles: The Bautista-shaped void

Photo credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports In a year that could very well be Bautista’s last as a Toronto Blue Jay, it’s interesting that a rather random injury gave us a brief sampling of what life might be like without him. Bautista’s “Turf Toe”—a bizarre ailment we all frantically Googled around the twentieth of June—provided…


Fowles: The Narrative of the First Half

Photo credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports Oh, The All-Star break. A time for a deep reflection on what has happened, and a time for quiet contemplation of what’s to come. I may irrationally dislike the mid-summer classic as much as Stoeten hates “Hooked on a Feeling” (just give them all some much-needed time off with…


Fowles: Great Moments in Blue Jays Weather History

Photo credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports For whatever reason, I love the relationship between weather and major league baseball. I love listening to the announcers chat about the temperature, the breeze and the sunshine, or share conjecture about what the overhead clouds might bring. I love the community feeling of a rain delay, and the…


Fowles: Marcus Stroman and Poisonous Fan Entitlement

Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports Lately, while trying to get myself out of the den of freelancing and into the world of daily exercise, I’ve started listening to the Jays Talk podcast the day after games. Believe it or not, I had never actually listened to the show before, but I certainly knew its…


Fowles: Father’s Day at the ballpark

Anne and R.A. Dickey in Dunedin with their children: Eli, 9; Lila, 13; Gabriel, 14; and Van, 5. Photo credit: John Lott I oddly remember the exact moment when my dad sat me down and explained how a player’s batting average was calculated. I was just a kid at the time, my love of baseball…