Report: Marco Estrada Will Take the Ball on Opening Day

The Blue Jays have a strong rotation one through five, with nobody who is clearly head and shoulders above the rest. Aaron Sanchez might have a thing to say about that, based on the way that he pitched in 2016, but he maybe slowed down a little bit in the second half. J.A. Happ won […]


Daily Duce: Thursday, March 23rd

Daily??!?!? Great stuff on the Jays’ issue from tech site Alphabeatic, as they not only give a timeline of last week’s confusion over the future of Canadian fans’ abilities to watch Blue Jays games without being blacked out by the service, but also speculate as to why it turns out Rogers may not be […]


Birds All Day Podcast: 106. GibbyTheBest (OriolesTheWorst)

John Gibbons has himself a contract extension, the Orioles’ GM said something dumb and unfathomable, Marcus Stroman pitched his ass off in the WBC finale, and so much more! Watch for the edit!! As always, this podcast is still powered by Patreon and our tremendous listener support. Be a hero and hit us up at […]


Orioles GM Dan Duquette Said a Dumb, Bad Thing About José Bautista

When Buck Showalter spoke so eloquently two summers ago about the protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, one couldn’t help but admire the man and the organization he worked for. “You hear people try to weigh in on things that they really don’t know anything about. … I’ve never […]


Why John Gibbons Is the Right Man To Lead the Blue Jays

John Gibbons is an easy manager for a writer to like. He’s a true character. An eminently GIF-able misfit who used to fight his players and speaks in half-drawl, half-mumble. A member, if only briefly, of the legendary 1986 Mets. A players’ manager who has charmed the local media here in Toronto into calling him […]


Jays “Finalizing” An Extension With John Gibbons: Report

Dear John, you’re wanted  by the new regime! OK, so maybe ol’ Gibbers doesn’t look quite as Ray Liotta-y as he once did (maybe? a little bit??), but when you think about it, can’t we all say the same thing? Anywho, stop me if you’ve heard this one, but the Blue Jays appear as though they’re […]


Daily Duce: Monday, March 20th

Daily??!?!? For their headline on Mike Johnson’s latest dispatch from Dunedin, Sportsnet went with a quote from John Gibbons, wherein he said that Devon Travis “will be the guy” hitting leadoff for the club once he’s healthy enough to do it. For my money, though, the bigger quote was when Gibbons said, regarding Devo’s health, […]