The Daily Duce: Wednesday, May 18th

Daily??!?!? As I noted several times over the course of Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t ever expect the suspensions handed out for Sunday’s Texas tumult to make anything resembling sense. And hey, they didn’t! But the one that was most curious was one I didn’t say much about — MLB’s decision to not suspend Matt Bush….

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Game Threat: Jays (19-20) vs. Rays (16-19)

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports Hey… it’s… uh… the Rays. I dunno. I’m mostly just here for some scuttlebutt. Let’s maybe win a game, though, eh?? Scuttlebutt “Given the circumstances, I felt like he was owed one. And I was going out there to get him,” says Kevin Pillar of his actions after Rougned…

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Weekend Wrap: The Dallas Donnybrook Edition

Image via @NDrules43 Believe it or not, some baseball was actually played at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, this weekend, in between and on either side of a couple of right fuckin’ brannigans. And it was mostly not great for the Jays. But who cares, amiright??? Because PUNCH FIGHTS!

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Lott: Baseball deserves better than its current culture of retaliation

The response to Sunday’s brawl between the Blue Jays and Rangers was predictably partisan. Not that rational fans on both sides of the divide showed blind support for their team’s bellicose behaviour, but generally speaking, the bad blood was reduced to a simple, and simple-minded, equation. Jays fans rebuked Matt Bush for hitting Jose Bautista…

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[Explicit] Hits The Fan in Texas!

It’s all-out war between Odor and Bautista. — Ian Hunter (@BlueJayHunter) May 15, 2016 Now THAT was the meltdown we were all expecting to see between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers as the bad blood from the American League Division Series clearly boiled over into this season. After six pretty chill, low-key games…

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