Jays Add Outfielder Domonic Brown On A Minor League Deal

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports Somebody tell Howard Eskin, because yes, that Dom Brown. They didn’t even have to trade Jose Bautista to get him! *COUGH* The former Phillies outfielder, and once-powerful lefty bat — who was once the supposed centrepiece in the aforementioned horseshit Jose Bautista trade rumour (back when the Jerry Howarths of the world were…

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Birds All Day Podcast – Episode 49

Alright! It’s episode 49 of Birds All Day! Featuring Jay Bruce’s near trade, Jose Bautista’s demands, a Jon Lester rumour, a look into the future, and so much more! And as always, this episode of the Birds All Day podcast is made possible by those who’ve chosen to support us through our Patreon campaign — an ingenious type of crowdfunding that…

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The Bat Flip Always Wins

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY Sports Are you familiar with the “If Young Metro don’t trust you…” meme? Well maybe you’ll want to get familiar, because I thiiiink it just reached its zenith — and it’s Jays related! Deadspin explains, quite simply, that the meme “is based on the very true idea that the beat drop…

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More Than Five Years, More Than $150-Million

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports I could use not talking about this Jose Bautista contract stuff any longer, seeing as the only movement we’re going to see on it from the Jays’ side of things is, I’m now exceptionally certain, when they let him move on into free agency next fall. They’re definitely not going to trade…

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Westhead: Bautista Is Asking For Five Years, $150-Million

Welp. The (hopefully permanent) falling apart of the Jay Bruce trade can wait a few moments because TSN’s Rick Westhead would like to explode your mind: BARGAINING BOMBSHELL: As per @rwesthead, Bautista seeks 5 years, $150M — SportsCentre (@SportsCentre) February 23, 2016 That’s… um… a lot. A whoooole lot.

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The Daily Duce: Monday, February 22nd

Daily??!? First off, I want to thank everybody for the kind words on the new site and for your patience as we get up to speed. I’m really looking forward to this new venture and definitely want to hear feedback from you all about how to make the site, including the comments, work as well…

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