Spring Threat: Jays @ Pirates

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Bus trip to Bradenton! Who wouldn’t be up for a thing like that! Why, I’ll tell you who! Every position player of consequence for the Toronto Blue Jays, that’s who! (No offence, Ryan Goins and Michael Saunders).

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Jays And Phillies Tie 4-4: Grapefruit League Game 2 Recap

Photo Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports Look. Obviously at some point I’m going to write a recap of a Grapefruit League game and suggest that something significant actually happened. But a damn tie in the minor league-heavy second game of the spring? This is proooooobably not where that’s going to happen. Patterns take a while…

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Spring Threat: Jays vs. Phillies

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports It’s Game Two of Grapefruit League action, and the “home” opener for the Blue Jays in Dunedin, so what useless things can we look forward to getting prematurely excited or overly negative about today? Actually there are quite a few of them!

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Spring Threat: Jays @ Philles

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Play ball! Actual baseball! Sort of! But whatever you want to call this first action of the Grapefruit League season, on this total garbage winter day here in Toronto, I call firing up the ol’ app and shaking off my rusty memory of which number corresponds to which…

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Tulo Seriously Didn’t Like Being Traded To Toronto, But With Josh Donaldson’s Awesome Help Seems Real OK Now

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports “This is the big-boy league! This isn’t facing the Phillies at Coors Field!” Those words were awesomely, encouragingly yelled at Troy Tulowitzki last season by Josh Donaldson — an initiation into the world of the Blue Jays, which even still not yet through his first year, Donaldson was a hugely prominent…

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Video: Behind The Scenes With The Blue Jays On Picture Day

Holy. If you’re a follower of @BlueJays on Twitter, you’ve been subjected to some serious content ever since the club arrived officially in Dunedin — some of it their own, some of it created by others and not credited (the same photo mentioned by John Lott here shows up uncredited in the Jays’ stream, too *COUGH*)….

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