Negotiations Between The Jays And Edwin Not Going Well

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports Edwin Encarnacion wants more years on his next deal than the Blue Jays are willing to offer — or so says Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes, according to a tweet on Tuesday from Jamie Campbell. The recent talks between the two sides, we’re told, did not go well. Rojas…

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Spring Threat: Jays vs. Orioles

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Whoa. Would you look at that. We’ve crossed the midway point of the Grapefruit League season, and judging by today’s Blue Jays lineup, things are starting to get serious. That’s a whole bunch of regulars right there (for the Jays, at least — the Orioles have sent some trash…

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The Daily Duce: Monday, March 14th

Daily???!? Naturally, Stacey May Fowles of the Globe and Mail absolutely nails why police action over impossible online threats to a 360 kg statue is an important story. “If the authorities are interested in using their resources to deter online threats,” she writes, “it would be far more meaningful to show up at the door…

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Spring Threat: Sanchez gets the ball as the Jays host the Rays

Embed from Getty Images Well, that wasn’t very fun. Just as I started going on about difficult it is to temper expectations on this club as they dominate Grapefruit ball, they slam their faces into the wall and lose 8-5 to the Philadelphia Phillies.  Oh well, these are exhibition games, after all. Does very-unlikely-to-make-the-opening-night-roster Brad…

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