Blue Jays star Bo Bichette takes lineup demotion in stride: ‘I think it’s the right time to switch things up’

Bo Bichette Blue Jays
Photo credit:Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports
Clarke Corsan
1 month ago
In a moment of candid self-assessment, Toronto Blue Jays star shortstop Bo Bichette expressed a willingness to sacrifice for the team.
“I haven’t done anything, really, to produce and we’ve struggled as a team,” he told MLB.com’s Keegan Matheson, “I think it’s the right time to switch things up. If I have to be the one that goes down, then that’s fine with me.”
Bichette’s statement underscores the frustration within the Blue Jays organization as the team stumbles through an inconsistent season. Despite a star-studded lineup, Toronto has yet to find its rhythm, raising questions about the team’s chemistry and overall direction.
While Bichette’s selflessness is admirable, it raises an important question: will demoting or even trading the talented shortstop solve any of the Blue Jays’ issues? Bichette is a core member of this team with his dynamic bat and infectious energy. He is certainly struggling this year; swinging an average of just .198, an OBP of .252 and an OPS of .533- all career lows after coming off a stellar season in which he finished with a .306 BA, .339 OBP and .814 OPS. While his current numbers are cause for concern, his potential departure would leave a significant hole in the Blue Jays lineup and could impact the team in ways the eye can’t see.
Some analysts argue that Bichette’s willingness to take a fall indicates a deeper angst within the team. Perhaps the Blue Jays’ struggles stem from a lack of consistent leadership or a failure to execute a clear strategic direction. If that’s the case, Bichette’s sacrifice would be a temporary fix, not a true solution.
The Blue Jays find themselves at a crucial turning point. Bichette’s statement forces the team to confront difficult questions. Management must decide whether a major shakeup is needed or if their talent simply needs time to gel, but that begs the question: how long?
The stakes are high. The Blue Jays possess a wealth of talent and the potential to become serious contenders. Yet, continued underperformance could lead to drastic changes — whether that means moving key players like Bichette or revisiting their overall strategy.

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