Cal Raleigh responds to comments made by John Schneider: “He’s had a lot of beef with people in the league and he kind of did it to himself”

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Clarke Corsan
16 days ago
Seattle Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh has a knack for tormenting the Toronto Blue Jays, and his latest power surge has reignited a simmering feud with Toronto manager John Schneider.
After smashing a go-ahead, two-run homer against the Jays in the tenth inning on Wednesday, Raleigh was asked about comments that Schneider made back in April 2023. During that series, Raleigh hit two homers and quickly became a villain in Toronto. Schneider followed up by remarking, “He’s not very tough to pitch to when you execute your pitches.”
Raleigh’s response one year later was sharp. “I don’t have much to say,” he said. “If you don’t have anything nice, don’t say anything at all, I guess. He’s had a lot of beef with people in the league and he kind of did it to himself.”
The catcher didn’t stop there, adding fuel to the fire: “I like coming here. It’s good memories here, going all the way back to ’22.”
Raleigh, of course, was referring to the 2022 Wild Card series, where he helped Seattle sweep the Blue Jays on their home turf. He hit a home run off of Alek Manoah in Game 1 and picked up three hits in Seattle’s wild come-from-behind victory in Game 2 that clinched the series. 
Raleigh’s success at the Rogers Centre is undeniable. He now has nine homers in 15 regular-season games there, along with that pivotal playoff blast. Whether Schneider’s earlier comments were gamesmanship or a genuine assessment, they’ve clearly added an extra layer of intrigue to this American League rivalry. As Raleigh’s star continues to rise, expect more fireworks whenever these two teams clash.
The Mariners beat the Blue Jays by a score of 6-1 on Wednesday afternoon to salvage the three-game series in Toronto. The two teams will meet again in Seattle in July.


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