Canadian Futures Showcase Recap: Three pitchers who stood out

Nick Prasad
8 months ago
From the Major League excellence of Matt Brash and Mike Soroka to the elite-level drafted grassroots such as Jonah Tong, and Adam Maier, Canadian pitchers have been planting their footprint all along college baseball, bleeding into the Major Leagues. 
The four names above are proud alumni of the Canadian Futures Showcase (formerly known as Tournament 12) and there is plenty more talent where they came from. The 2023 version of the showcase hosted by the Toronto Blue Jays was a success, equally displaying high-quality arms as it did with the bats. Which wings took the spotlight in the eyes of scouts? 

Elite Arms Showcased in the 2023 Canadian Futures Showcase 

RHP Makaio Cisneros (Team Grey), 2024
A product of the Ontario Blue Jays Baseball Club, formerly with the Toronto Mets Baseball Club in the mighty Canadian Pacific Baseball League (CPBL). Cisneros started off his career with high projectability and supreme determination to succeed and develop; and that he did. He’s recently sprung into a really athletic make-up, standing 6’1”, 180lbs. Cisneros broke the squad with the Canadian Junior National Team where he showcased a refined repertoire. He now holds a spot with the TNXL Academy which is notorious for pre-draft showcasing; this was a former spot for ex-CPBL player, and ex-Canadian Futures alumni, Calvin Ziegler, who was drafted by the New York Mets a few years ago. 
The 17-year-old I would describe as a “full-body pitcher”. Every muscle goes into his delivery, with emphasis on all the right ones, from his lower half and hips. He has a repetitive delivery from the full at a ¾ arm slot and an aggressive pull-down finish. His fastball is well commanded and his off-speed options are endless. His fastball tops 91mph and is consistent at 89-91mph with bite. All of his off-speed has good break, with his slider probably being his out-pitch. His slider sits 79-80mph with the curve sitting 80-81mph.  Cisneros will be attending the University of Central Florida in honour of his commitment; his off-speed will refine itself there, if not with TNXL. 
RHP Matt Brown (New Blue), 2024
Matt Brown was a name of interest going into this showcase. One of the anticipated matchups was Team New Blue against Team Royal, which highlighted RHP Tate Carey vs. Matt Brown. Brown showed out his arsenal and competed against tough batters. He was spot-up at times, however, my scouting notes had a ton of “needs to command the fastball better”. 
His consistency in that very instance did not display a great deal of fastball command, but his makeup and pitch-ability were extremely worth looking at. His fastball touched a topping 92mph with a consistent 89-90mph. His slider is his out-pitch; it has the ability to be effective if he can throw it near the zone. The slider sits 83-85mph followed by a low 70s curveball which can use some work. 
Brown is also a product of the almighty Ontario Blue Jays program. He is committed to Oklahoma State University and definitely will be a Canadian Draft look for next year. 
RHP Tate Carey (Team Royal), 2024 
Another CPBL talent and surprisingly uncommitted right-hander, Tate Carey, was one to watch. Tate Carey had the stronger Canadian Futures look, especially in that New Blue vs. Royal matchup. Starting with his makeup, Carey is built to pitch! This kid has an athletic frame displaying strength all around and a strong arm. 
His entire mechanical approach from the full is artistic with a repeated wind, leg kick, delivery and recovery finish. Carey is a strike-thrower, relying on a hot four-seam fastball which rides up to a max of 93mph, and hovers around 91mph. He can work the pitch-tool zones, lowering it below the knees, and blowing it up at the eyes with the heater. He throws in a slider that sits 83-84mph and will also work a changeup and curveball. 
Carey was also a member of the Canadian Junior National team and is set to graduate in 2024. It is without a double that Carey will be considered for the 2024 MLB draft. Meanwhile, he remains uncommitted for school. 


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