Looking at what data has to say about Toronto Blue Jays fans

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Tyson Shushkewich
1 year ago
Fandom in baseball is a tricky topic in this day and age with social media.
Fans from across the world are able to interact with each other, whether positive or negative, in an ever-changing world with each person trying to prove why their team is the base or why the other teams in the league are worse. Blue Jays fans are able to get together and discuss different topics related to the Jays, again both good and bad, while sometimes getting together to knock on other teams (a common practice not just with Jays fans).
A good example is the Alex Verdugo/Alek Manoah back and forth, which brought out both Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays fans that had everyone rallying together depending on the team you root for (which made for a fun social media day).
Casino.org, an online casino site that reports on various casino-related topics and completes its own surveys, testing, and research, surveyed over 5000 baseball fans asking which teams had the best and the worst fanbases inside the MLB when taking out their preferred franchise. With this data, Casino.org was able to determine which fanbases had support from other teams’ fans across the league while also seeing which fanbases were more despised through the survey.

How the Blue Jays Fanbase Ranks Compared to the Rest of the MLB…

For the Blue Jays, no other team’s fanbase chose the Jays as having the best fans while no fanbase chose the Jays as being the worst fans either. While there is no data that shows where the Blue Jays fanbase ranked altogether, they did not rank within the top five on either end of the scale, which means they are likely in the middle. When Jays were surveyed on their favourite/worst fanbase, they selected the Atlanta Braves as their favourite fan base while the New York Yankees were voted as having the worst fans.
Overall, the Braves only received a top ranking from the Blue Jays and the Oakland A’s organization, which is unique because the Jays don’t play the Braves regularly because of the interleague play (which has been changed as of this season). However, the Jays do have some ties to the Braves in that their current general manager and president, Alex Anthopoulos, is not only Canadian but spent 12 years in the Blue Jays organization, including being the general manager from late 2009 to the end of the 2015 campaign.
The Yankees were voted the worst fan base, with over 14 different organizations rating their fanbase as the worst in the league, including the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox fanbases voting in favour of the Yankees. The Red Sox fanbase also did not fare well, with their fanbase finishing second last right after the Yankees, with the Bronx Bombers fans and the Tampa Bay Rays fans voting Boston as having the worst fanbase, along with two other organizations. The Houston Astros also made the top five worst fanbase list, with the main reason being the cheating scandal dating back to the 2017 World Series.
Looking ahead to the 2023 season, the Blue Jays are poised to be a playoff threat and are playing at a renovated Rogers Centre, which will hopefully improve the fan experience for anyone seeing the Jays play in Toronto.



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