Netflix documentary about Montreal Expos will explore “setbacks that led to the team’s departure” 20 years after relocation

Photo credit:Canadian Press
Brett Holden
1 month ago
Calling all fans of the Montreal Expos!
Canada’s first Major League baseball team will be brought back to life in video form as Netflix announced on Wednesday that they’ve picked up a brand-new documentary on the Expos and their exit from Quebec. The untitled project will document the events leading up to the Expos moving to Washington and what drove baseball out of Montreal back in 2004.
The documentary is another dive into the sports world for Netflix. Last month, the streaming website announced it would become the new home for the WWE beginning in January of 2025 and seeing the success of sports shows like Drive to Survive and Full Swing has catapulted the streaming service into sports content. 
The documentary is the first under Netflix’s new creative partnership, Attraction, which is based in Montreal. Attraction and Netflix first signed on with each other in November of last year, specifically for French-language films, but this will be their first under the new partnership.
Representatives for the show say the documentary will outline numerous issues from the move of the Expos including the firing of long-time Manager Felipe Alou, stadium disputes between the city of Montreal and the team, and the crazy game of musical chairs between owners and teams prior to the relocation.
Canadian baseball fans have long called for the return of the Expos for the last twenty years and this doc will only add fuel to that fire. In 2019, the Tampa Bay Rays agreed with Montreal to split their home games between Tampa Bay and Montreal. Unfortunately, the MLB rejected the sister-city idea in 2022 as the Rays manufactured the third lowest attendance that season, more than only the Miami Marlins and the Oakland Athletics (who are leaving Oakland in 2024).
This is also not the first time Netflix has hit the diamond. Earlier this month Netflix announced that the Boston Red Sox will feature in a new series for the streaming service, following around the BoSox over the course of the 2024 season. The documentary will be made by the same creators as Netflix’s Last Chance U, which features numerous Junior College sports teams and their trials and tribulations during the season. 
A release date for the new Expos has not yet been announced. 


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