Rogers Centre continues to undergo renovations heading into Opening Day

Photo credit:Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports
Chris Georges
24 days ago
For the second year in a row, the Rogers Centre has undergone renovations in an effort to provide a better fan experience. Despite the optimal downtown location of the ballpark, you don’t typically hear of the Blue Jays’ stadium mentioned as one of the best facilities in the league. Mark Shapiro and the Blue Jays are aiming to change that.
The team released a time-lapse video showing some of the changes that have taken place, which includes roughly 3,000 square feet less of foul territory, bringing fans closer to the action. These seats will also now include cup holders, something that was shockingly absent prior to these renovations.
The main objective for this phase of renovations was to reshape the 100 level, which will create new vantage points for fans. Shi Davidi also mentioned that a running track and batting cages behind the dugout will be an added feature for players going forward. The Blue Jays have made it clear that through these changes, they intend to transform the Rogers Centre from a ‘stadium into a ballpark‘.
“It’s a completely new field because the angles are so different. We couldn’t chop up the turf and raise the turf, so even though it’s only been, three years, it’s a totally new field.. it’s going to feel much more like a ballpark” said Shapiro.
Last year, phase one of renovations focused on revamping the food and drink options with The Outfield District, which gave fans a bevy of new options for socializing and taking in the game in a more casual way. Additionally, the elevated visiting bullpen was something that allowed fans to participate in some heckling of visiting relief pitchers. There was one incident where a beer was thrown into the Detroit Tigers bullpen during a game last year, but this change seemed to mostly be a positive one in terms of fan enjoyment.
The $300 million renovations are the first that have been constructed in the 35-year history of the Rogers Centre. Although exact details are not currently available, the final changes are likely to be completed ahead of the 2025 season opener.


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