Fowles: Sports Twitter Etiquette (LOL)

Stacey May Fowles
August 25 2016 02:01PM

Baseball Twitter
Image via Wahoo Sam

Now before I start things off I want to say I truly, deeply love Sports Twitter. For someone who, in “real life,” doesn’t have a great deal of sports-watching friends, it has been a real haven, a place to share jubilant moments and lament heartbreaking losses. Freelancing can indeed be a lonely life, and it’s a gift to be connected day-to-day with so many people who love what I love. My curated feed has showered me in memes, and adorable stories, and fascinating opinions. It can, at times, be joyous and exhilarating.

Through the glory of Sports Twitter I’ve met a wonderful group of diverse baseball fans from across North America, spanning numerous allegiances and interests, and they’ve revealed to me the myriad opinions one can have about this game we all enjoy. I’ve found the support and insight of a great group of sports writing women, discovered new opportunities, and learned a great deal about teams and players that were far outside my sphere of knowledge. It’s taught me that people — strangers — can be truly great.

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Game Threat: Jays (71-54) vs. Angels (52-73)

Andrew Stoeten
August 24 2016 03:37PM

Marco Estrada
Photo credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Could the damn Red Sox stop winning already.

I know this is where I'm supposed to write some half-assed thing at least tangentially related to tonight's game, but seriously! They've won like 14 games on their recent nine game road trip and lately have looked slightly better than the unrepentant trash that we all know they are. Stop that, Red Sox!

I mean, honestly, I don't want to take a dark turn here as the Jays are getting set to play once-in-a-generation talent Mike Trout and his godawful Angels teammates, but I keep having this thought about how we just might not be ready for this season to get ugly. Oh, I know, it won't. And I know last year ended in just about the most frustrating way possible, but last year was also a damn fairy tale that we could instantly reflect on and feel incredible about. What a ride! This year? What if it goes shitty??? Good lord, we're not ready!

Then again, I also keep having another thought: last night I tweeted about how the Jays should use a Tragically Hip song to inspire the crowd late in games, rather than -- speaking of unrepentant trash -- that pile of stale turds called Hooked On A Feeling, and somebody responded to it with something about Harambe, which caused me to start singing to myself, They shot Harambe once, in my hometown..., which has been stuck in my head ever since.

Which is to say: what the hell are my thoughts good for?

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The Daily Duce: Wednesday, August 24th

Andrew Stoeten
August 24 2016 03:05PM



Amazing stuff here from John Lott over at Vice Sports, as he left the press box to take in the Jays' series in Cleveland as a fan. John is too good. Also: I get asked about sitting in the press box a lot, and frankly, it's a glorified cubicle farm. I guess if I got one I could use a pass to sit elsewhere and get drunk, but that feels like a bit of a betrayal of the privilege, even if that's my shtick. But otherwise, who needs it? Not this guy.

Brendan Kennedy has a great one at the Toronto Star, where he looks at the friendship, and mentorship, going on in the middle of the Jays' infield, featuring Troy Tulowitzki and Devon Travis. Is there literally anybody better for Devo to be mentored by? (Hint: nope!)

Another great one from Brendan at the star looks at Josh Donaldson's case to repeat as the AL MVP -- a pertinent thing this week, given that Mike Trout is visiting Toronto with the Angels, and it's utterly ridiculous how few MVPs he's actually won, given that he's been the best player in the universe by far for about five years now. I think this one's his.

Elsewhere at the Star, Richard Griffin makes the case for the Jays acquiring Joey Votto, which... I'm just going to put this right here.

Speaking of Griff, he tweets that Ross Atkins confirmed that the club would have a scout in attendance when living-breathing clickbait Tim Tebow works out for clubs next week. Might as well do your due diligence, eh? But also, Atkins says, "He has an amazing swing" -- which may be true, but I says: Please don't make me ever have to write about Tim fucking Tebow ever fucking again, Blue Jays. Please!

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This old Tulo ad is too good (see what I did there?)

Andrew Stoeten
August 24 2016 01:03AM

Troy Tulowitzki
Photo credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Tu-lo, too good? Get it? No?

Ahhh, nevermind.

Anyway, though in it he doesn't wander though the Dufferin Mall or anything quite as mind-bendingly awesome as that (probably because he played for the Rockies at the time and wouldn't have known what that was), a young Troy Tulowitzki sure has some wacky adventures in this ad for the Colorado Rockies, which was dug up by excellent Jays-related twitterer @leahflame.

Are you ready for some heavy Denver in the late aughts? Because get ready!

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Game Threat: Jays (70-54) vs. Angels (52-72)

Andrew Stoeten
August 23 2016 05:01PM

Kevin Pillar and Darwin Barney
Photo credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Oh man, it's an actual baseball game.

OK, granted, it's one that's being pitched by R.A. Dickey and also features several non-Mike Trout members of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, but it still counts!

And it's still better than bullshit losses and gross scandals and whatever the hell else we've been talked about the last few days. So let's please just fucking do this.

Aaaaand let's keep the bullshit Red Sox from claiming sole possession of first place while we're at it.

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