The Blue Jays Played a Game Today (Sort Of)

Andrew Stoeten
February 25 2017 03:40PM

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I couldn't tell you what the final score was, and I couldn't tell you who half the players that player were without looking at a box score, but holy shit, there was baseball coming from my radio this afternoon, and it was a pretty damned glorious thing.

Nobody needs a paean to a rather dull Grapefruit League affair between the we're trying to not be too terrible lineup the Barves will likely trot out on Opening Day at their brand new White Flight Park, and a bunch of Jays farmhands, but I still think I can wring some #content out of this one. So let's try it! Some thoughts...

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Spring Threat: Baseball is back! Blue Jays @ Braves

Cam Lewis
February 25 2017 10:47AM


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Toronto Blue Jays baseball! It's here! (Sort of! It isn't on TV and it's the B lineup) But fuck it! Let's do this!

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Daily Duce: Friday, February 24th

Andrew Stoeten
February 24 2017 02:53PM



John Lott tweets us an update on Josh Donaldson, who he says played long-toss today and hit in a cage. "Still a tiny hitch in his gait at times," John tells us. "Says he feels good." John adds that JD's "timeline for full-tilt action remains 2-3 weeks."

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet looks at a youngster we won't be seeing too much of this spring, but hopefully will for a lot of springs to come: Bo Bichette. Apparently he's added a leg kick to his swing, or something!

Jays Twitter was abuzz earlier on Friday, as MLBPA head Tony Clark paid a visit to the clubhouse in Dunedin, and the meeting ran longer than expected, with Russell Martin being the last player to emerge. It was easy to assume that Clark was taking heat for the dumb new intentional walk rule that Martin doesn't like, but there was apparently more to it than just that, as Ben Nicholson Smith of Sportsnet tells us that after the meeting Clark addressed the fact that Martin wasn't allowed to play in the WBC because of insurance complications. Apparently Russell wasn't too fond of that either!

Speaking of Clark and the dumb new rule, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star writes that Clark told reporters after the Dunedin meeting that most players didn't care about the intentional walk change. 

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The Biagini Question

Andrew Stoeten
February 24 2017 01:02PM

Joe Biagini
Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

By now we've all wondered it. The big question hanging over the Jays' breakout reliever of 2016 -- a converted starter who found so much success in the bullpen. Joe Biagini. Is he or isn't he? What do we think?

Is Joe Biagini funny?

Ho ho ho. See what I did there?

The answer to that question is, of course, "no." Or, if you're not into the whole brevity thing, "Oh my god no, and please stop encouraging him." (Similar answers to what you'd get if asking whether I'm funny or not. *COUGH*. Also, to be fair, I think Biagini comes off better in print than maybe on TV sometimes.)

The question of whether Biagini should be converted back to a starter or moved to the bullpen, on the other hand, isn't so easily answered.

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Birds All Day: 102. Smoak Springs Eternal

Andrew Stoeten
February 24 2017 11:32AM


Justin Smoak is bad, Troy Tulowitzki is good, the Boston Red Sox are scary af, and yet everything we think at this time of year is probably wrong anyway! Let's get this season started already!

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