Daily Duce: Friday, January 20th

Andrew Stoeten
January 20 2017 02:38PM



Sean Fitz-Gerald has the answer to the question on every Blue Jays fan's mind over at the Athletic: Are Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez still cool?

Next week is "prospect week" for Keith Law at ESPN.com, and he primed us for it this week with his farm system rankings, which... aren't terribly kind to the Blue Jays. Although the team ranks 21st (up from 25 last year), he says that the depletion from the big Anthopoulos deals of 2015 and "a sudden shift toward a conservative draft approach in 2016, has strip-mined this system in a way that might make any recovery slow." Fingers crossed that the conservative drafting was about system-filling in the near term and won't last forever. Fingers also crossed on the big bright spot he singles out, too: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

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Blue Jays Unveil Awful Red Jerseys For Sunday Home Games

Andrew Stoeten
January 20 2017 12:37PM

ugly Jays uniforms

Image via the great @Sportslogosnet/Chris Creamer


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Birds All Day: 97. The Benevolent Edward Rogers Baseball Society Hour

Andrew Stoeten
January 19 2017 10:25PM

José Bautista
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

José Bautista is officially back where he belongs, and the 2017 Blue Jays can now focus on other needs -- something they may even still have the money to do, thanks to one special guy!

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Atkins Speaks!: Ostensibly On Bautista, But Most Interestingly On Edward Rogers and Left Field

Andrew Stoeten
January 19 2017 02:12PM

Ross Atkins
Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins met the media today, and while it was ostensibly to talk about José Bautista, it feels like that's already been done to death. The public spin on how we got here just doesn't interest me very much at this point.

But that doesn't mean there wasn't a whole lot to be mined from his comments today, especially on two subjects in particular: the ever-growing involvement of Edward Rogers in the Blue Jays' day-to-day operations, and the mess that continues to be the club's left field situation. (And, OK, there was a little Bautista stuff that actually was interesting that we'll get to as well).

Let's dive in!

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Jeff Blair Says Edward Rogers Had a Hand In the Bautista Deal, and That's Probably a Good Thing

Andrew Stoeten
January 18 2017 02:48PM


Truly fascinating stuff today from Jeff Blair's radio show on the Fan 590, as he says he's heard that Edward Rogers expanded the Blue Jays' budget in order to get the José Bautista deal done.

Not only that, he speaks about a genuine friendship between the scion and Mark Shapiro, which certainly sounds on the surface like it could be beneficial to the Blue Jays. If you believe it...

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