The Jays’ St. Patrick’s Day Cap Looks Better Suited For April 20th

St Paddy's Cap
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Oh, hello Toronto Blue Jays 2016 St. Patrick’s Day cap, you… uh… you holdin’?

I don’t know if anyone has actually used that phrase since 1973, but what I do know is that the above image is indeed of what Lids calls the “Toronto Blue Jays New Era ‘MLB 2016 St. Patty’s Diamond Era 59FIFTY Cap'”.

Teams do seem to wear a lot of St. Patrick’s Day gear these days (though I don’t know if you’ll actually see the Jays in these — UPDATE: I’m told they’re not), and what I guess I’m trying to say here is, the maple leaf looks… different.

Especially when you compare it to what the leaf looks like on the club’s actual spring training hat. To wit:


Gone is the inner border, for one. And that leaf bulges out way conspicuously, too. They’re gonna know, man!

It’s the cap that every skid from the Atlantic to the Pacific will want! Good job, MLB clothing designers!

Pretty funny, though. Or maybe it’s only funny when you’re high.

No word if it smells like Otto’s jacket.

Hat tip to Reddit via SB Nation via BlueJaysAggr


    I’m not sure they are actually wearing these, at least I hope not. That’s the leaf version they use for the “custom” off colour BP caps. They don’t do the normal outline puff stitching like the on field versions.

    I don’t think they’ve participated in the St. Pats day bullshit since….2004? I can’t remember.

    I know they did wear green in the early 90’s and 2000’s. You see the odd green cap pop up but they are very hard to come by.

  • Barry

    I would love to get one of those caps, but I married into a Chinese family, and in Chinese tradition green hats carry a significance that isn’t terribly flattering.

  • dowlingm

    Hm. Didn’t see the moderation warning. So a brief recap as an Irish person in case the more furious one doesn’t make it.

    Cap: bleh
    Reference to “St Patty’s Day”: BARF

    Patty is Patricia, not Patrick. Don’t believe me? Watch an old Simpsons episode.