VIDEO x 2: Josh Donaldson Plays MLB The Show 16, Visits The Weather Channel

Josh Donaldson
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Donaldson here, in video form, giving you a friendly reminder, a) to stop listening to Edwin Encarnacion’s agent already and hope that gets him to quit negotiating in public, and b) that Josh Donaldson is awesome.

Droppin’ tates, that’s what we do.

First up, a video from the folks at Sony, who have Josh join Ramone Russell (I don’t know either — or I didn’t know, so I Googled him and his Twitter, which features a picture of him in the Rogers Centre dugout (!), and explains that he’s community manager and game designer for MLB The Show) to test out this year’s version of the game. In particular, to try out the Josh Donaldson character.

Mild hilarity ensues.

Next we find Josh joining the Weather Channel (via Because he’s the Bringer Of Rain. Get it?

And of course he is, as always, pretty awesome and affable — explaining, even, somewhat reluctantly (I think because it’s totally not the weather-related tale the channel was hoping for!) that his nickname was stolen from the Starz show Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Did we know that? I didn’t know that.

Anyway, here’s that, too:


  • Steve-O

    I always assumed Spartacus is where he got the ‘Bringer of Rain’ moniker from.

    It’s a wonderfully campy and ridiculous show, totally worth a watch. Spectacular violence, lots of nudity. Pretty much everything one would expect from Starz.