Couple Wave A Giant Belt At Pablo Sandoval

Pablo Sandoval
Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I’m way behind on this one — so even though I didn’t notice, and haven’t really looked, I’m sure it’s been all over Sportsnet and social media already — but bear with me here, because I bet when you saw Pablo Sandoval’s belt explode as he swung through an RA Dickey pitch, you figured that was going to be the strangest belt-related thing you’d see in a baseball game all weekend. Then you saw that other belt thing! Where the couple waves a giant belt at Sandoval from the stands.

Sure, it’s a cheap shot, and we ought to be better than making fun of someone’s appearance or belt size, it’s just… Sandoval, of all people! And the couple? So perfectly in frame, perfectly timed, and in Sandoval’s only appearance of the game, which also happened to be the final out. It would be notable for that alone, frankly!

So check it out. Especially if you missed it the first time.

Here we have the belt explosion:

Aaaaand the payoff:

Because I missed it on the broadcast turns out I caught this on Deadspin.