Watch Justin Smoak and Kyle Lowry’s huge Tuesday moments in real time, 30 seconds apart

Justin Smoak
Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

By now you’ve surely seen the two plays that simultaneously set the Toronto sports scene alight on Tuesday night: Kyle Lowry’s game-tying half-court heave at the buzzer of Game One of the Raptors’ playoff series with the Miami Heat, and Justin Smoak’s game-winning extra inning home run to finally put a second and third run on the board for the surprisingly frustrating Blue Jays’ offence.

But have you seen the clips inter-cut and running in real time to show how the two incredible moments really did happen at almost the exact same time (and only about a half-kilometre apart)? Because that’s especially cool — particularly when it’s time-stamped!

OK, so there may have been a jump of about ten seconds in there. But they were pretty close!

Sportsnet’s Faizal Khamisa, who provided the above clip, narrates the events and provides some context in a clip you can find on his Facebook page, which includes the missing 10 seconds (which had to be edited out for Twitter). Check it out.

*Originally this piece said that it was Smoak’s game-tying home run, not the winning one, because I am an idiot.

  • Player to Be Named Later

    It was surreal at the RC. A weird buzz shot through the crowd. A box full of bros all started yelling and fist pumping. I thought for sure a fight had broken out. Then just as someone was telling me what Lowry had done, Ka-Boom! Smoak walked it off.

  • Darragh

    That Facebook link seems to go to a post in Toronto Prospect Renters group, not Faizal’s video.

    Looks like it would be a good apartment, if it weren’t on the east side.