[Explicit] Hits The Fan in Texas!

Now THAT was the meltdown we were all expecting to see between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers as the bad blood from the American League Division Series clearly boiled over into this season. After six pretty chill, low-key games in the past couple of weeks between these two teams, this afternoon’s game completely blew up. 

So what the hell just happened?! 

“This has been brewin’ since last October!” – Pat Tabler. Uh, yeah, you think?!

I won’t spend too much time going through what happened in this game, but stuff started to heat up early when first base Tim Leiper was thrown out of the game for blowing up on the umpiring crew for not catching Cesar Ramos’ balk. Later on, Gibby was also booted from the game for arguing balls and strikes, as Aaron Sanchez’s strike zone didn’t seem to be as liberal as the one the Rangers’ pitchers were being given. 

ANYWAYS, it wasn’t until the eighth inning when things really blew up. With the Jays down 7-6, Matt Bush, ya know, the feel-good-story guy who injured someone in a drunk driving car crash in 2012 that Rangers’ fans are rallying around for some reason, intentionally drilled Jose Bautista with a first pitch fastball. 

On a side note, this was a really, really weird time to do the retaliation thing. They had already played each other six times in the past couple of weeks, it was a one-run game, their bullpen had been trash throughout the series, and they were basically just giving the Jays a great chance to come back in the game. Also, why the fuck is Matt Bush the guy getting back at Bautista? He wasn’t even a part of the Rangers’ organization when the two teams met in the playoffs last year. Is this just him trying really hard to fit in, or something? 

Both teams were warned, again, I’m not sure why, because the Jays pitchers weren’t intentionally throwing at anybody, but whatever. So after Edwin flew out, Justin Smoak grounded into a double play, and Bautista had a hard slide into Rougned Odor.

Immediately after, the two jawed at each other, then Odor punched Bautista in the face twice. Boom. Fight breaks out. Kevin Pillar comes running into the field, Gibby jogs on to the field and gets into it even though he had been ejected, Adrian Beltre is holding Bautista back, and Twitter exploded. Then, after the game got going again in the bottom of the inning, Jesse Chavez plunked Prince Fielder and was tossed from the game. I don’t know if he was trying to get revenge, or if he was trying to help Fielder get on base, because that doesn’t happen much these days, but regardless, the benches cleared again. 

I’m looking for a higher quality video that I can embed. 

What to make of this? Geez. Look, if you’re that upset that somebody tossed their bat after hitting one of the biggest home run in franchise history, maybe you shouldn’t be playing a game for a living. If you don’t want somebody to get big hits, be better at the sport and strike them out. It’s as simple as that. Throwing at somebody, especially in the American League when you know you don’t have to bat is so lame and gutless. But what can you expect, the Rangers are trash. 

That’s how ya play tha game tha right way, eh!? Yah!

  • Nasty_Odor

    Bautista should grab a bat and toss it on to the field.

    I need to know that JD was able to clock that piece of garbage Odor, or at least rip out some of the pubic hair he glues to his chin.

    Hate that he got the last shot.

  • Highlights were Tabler cussing on the air again (“well look, Bautista’s pissed”) and Donaldson spearing three or four Rangers with his Viking bun flying around like its been possessed by Zeus

  • Rob Ray

    Getting back to the ball game, once again Rogers a penny wise a pound foolish as their $1.49 day special, Sunday garage sale bull pen coughs up another game. Bottom line this team is going nowhere’svilee with out a decent bull pen. Was that Eric Wedge I saw warming up in the bull pen??? The Mistake on the Lake crew have the wild card to put into play if the Jays continue to be a middling, struggling 500 club. Gut feeling is that Gibbons days are indeed numbered.

    However not a totally wasted day as a true Toronto sports team goes into the final four with an inspiring 27 point win much to the delight of the ever increasing Toronto basketball fans, who realize that this club is getting better and better while they open the Jays cupboard and find it bare thanks to A.A.’s selling off all the assets for three months of fame. Yeah, yeah Odor is a punk and the the Rangers are the Portland Jail blazers of old. But they are probably playoff bound again, wish I could feel that the Jays are. But heh I got those three months in the last 20 years to always remember.

    Got to think the 205 hitting Bautista detested by the umpires and hated by other teams is seeing his stock value depreciating rapidly.

      • Rob Ray

        Heh winner, to each their own. I mean if 3 months of meaningful baseball under Rogers long ownership is enough to turn your crank, who am I to argue with your illogical view point.

    • Steve-O

      I’m actually impressed by the sheer volume of garbage you packed into a single comment.

      Bonus points for citing batting average, fapping over “a true Toronto sports team” (??) that’s reached their league’s conference Finals for the first time in franchise history, and a Cleveland reference – because those are oh so fresh and clever.


  • Rob Ray

    Matt Bush is the most gutless, spineless, sleaziest, worthless and cowardly chunk of excrement that ever slimed its way across the face of this earth. If it had been Sam Dyson that hit Bautista, I’d understand, after all was his fight. When Bats hit that home run off Dyson, Bush was sharing romantic moments and quiet times with his cellmate. I hope we get these cowards again in October as they have no testicular fortitude.

      • DAKINS

        Uhhhh, he went for the bag, and didn’t even make contact with Odor.

        Maybe watch a few of Odor’s slides, I’m sure Johnny Giavotella can show you some videos.

        Stop trying to make Bautista look like the bad guy here, he’s far from it.

  • Rob Ray

    The Rangers are trash. Texas is trash. The baseball literati’s ridiculous equivocation over Bautista’s slide, and the glossing over of Matt “A Literal Convict” Bush’s ambush, is trash.


    Bautista is wrong for sliding late, so let’s not forget that he did something dumb too, but man did the Rangers sink to a new low. Ask the Orioles what happens when you get Bautista pissed off, wasn’t kicking you out of the ALDS enough? There’s a lot more bat flips where that one came from.

    Rangers are trash, I called this the second they announced that an ex con who almost killed a man was called up for this series. He was put into the game for one reason. I just don’t understand how you could be so cowardly as to wait until the final at bat against you this season.

    As for Odor, well, I don’t even know what to say. That was the dumbest thing I’ve seen in sports in a long time.

  • Barry

    I knew as Bautista was headed to second that he was going in hard. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be a “dirty” slide. His spikes weren’t up, so I wouldn’t call it “dirty” (not in the way Odor slides are dirty, anyway). But it wasn’t about breaking up a double play, it was about being mad about being hit. That said, Odor’s reaction was ridiculous and he, not Bautista, is to blame for what happened.

    On Bush … he is what he is, but what does it say about the Rangers that they sent him out to throw at Bautista? I don’t know if it was the catcher, a coach, or Bannister who told him to do it, but they sent an ex-con — a guy out on parole — out to do something that itself could have resulted in a mound-charge and benches clearing. That would have been a realistic outcome and he would have been in the middle of the fisticuffs, and at risk for going back to prison. Apparently that wasn’t a big deal to the Rangers, because Bautista flipped his bat, so the imprisonment of a guy they were supposedly giving a chance was a minor concern.

  • Barry

    The funny thing is, the Rangers’ history is filled with so little post-season success that this is one of the happiest feelings Rangers fans have ever had.

    Imagine if George Bell’s dropkick of Bruce Kison made our top-10 list of Great Moments.

    In that context, don’t you all feel a little sorry for Rangers fans?

  • mktoronto

    End tally:

    Jays still beat the Rangers in the playoffs last year.

    The Jays won the season series from the Rangers this year.

    One of their most important players is like going to be suspended for a significant amount of time.

    Way to “get even,” Texas!

  • Barry

    Lost in all the fun is that Troy Tulowitzki can hit baseballs again.

    (And it might be a good time for him to start giving us some elite offence, since Jose and Josh might be enjoying some mini vacations courtesy of MLB.)

  • Matty

    Can we stop with the Matt Bush bashing?

    Alcoholism and addiction accounts for about 10% of the population. Contrary to what you may believe, nobody chooses to be an addict. Hating on these people, while I agree is natural, as this condition affects those around them in a negative way, is rather void of compassion. If Bush hasn’t learned from his tribulations and continues to ignore his addiction, then fair game, have at him. But if this man has conceded and faced his illness with the required all-encompassing effort to entirely change his life for the better, against odds and mental illnesses that you likely have not nor will ever have to face, as well as served his debt to society, then hating on a guy for trying to be the best human being he can be is pretty crappy.

    You’re basically ripping a guy with a mental illness for actually trying.

    • DAKINS

      No thanks.

      It’s not about him being an alcoholic, it’s about his actions, regardless of his influence. Alcohol doesn’t make you assault people, unless you are the type of person who wants to assault people.

      -A few weeks after the Padres drafted him in 2004, Bush was arrested on suspicion of felony assault, misdemeanor trespass, disorderly conduct, and underage drinking, after he allegedly fought with security trying to escort him out of a bar.

      -Bush’s professional career began with his suspension before he ever took the field, for his role in a fight outside an Arizona bar.

      -At a party, he reportedly threw a baseball at a woman’s head and banged on her car window after accusing her of drawing markings on his face at a party in Dunedin, Florida.

      -Bush was allegedly intoxicated in a high school parking lot where he assaulted two freshman lacrosse players

      -Bush was slated to begin the 2012 season in Durham, but the Rays placed Bush on the restricted list after a drunken Bush ran over a 72-year-old man during spring training. Bush hit 72-year-old motorcyclist Tony Tufano on the Tamiami Trail (U.S. Route 41) northbound in Port Charlotte, Florida, running over his head as he fled the scene in a Dodge Durango.

      He’s human garbage, and baseball is better off without him.

  • Bad Dabbler

    The difference between Jose throwing the first punch instead of Odor is about a fifth of a second. Some of you would do well to remember that Jose’s first was locked and loaded when he got socked.

  • Stolen Prayers

    Toronto sports fans are the most loyal in the world. A Boston reporter wrote a brilliant article about a year ago in which he pointed out that over a ten year period the Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics all won championships and these teams had combined for 43 playoff rounds. Toronto in comparison with the ownership of Rogers, Bell and Larry had three playoff rounds with the Leafs, Raptors and Jays.

    Bottom line Rogers baseball team is in the fourth largest market in North America. Rogers is worth gazillions but they have always treated the Jays like a small market club as they maximize their profits by going cheap. While other clubs signed free agents we were forced to give up Revere for Storen. Sunday garage sale pitchers such as Floyd and Chavez were brought in to supposably shore up the bull pen.

    A.A. gave us three months of joy but when we open the cupboard it is bare as he dealt prospect after prospect.

    Both Jose and E.E. are walking after this season, E.E. probably to replace Ortiz. Jose might have some problems finding a suitor. Now I should let you know I have Bautista jersey and I have admired his great play. But I also realize he is deteriorating as all players eventually do. I also realize he is a selfish player as has been illustrated countless times. His feud with the umpires is legendary, he even managed to get thrown out of an exhibition game a while back.

    He allowed his feud with O’Day to spill over when in a hissy fit he fired a ball from right field to first base and badly damaged his shoulder. Although he continued to play with the pain his game deteriorated, hence he hurt his teammates.

    I think the umpires simply said enough is enough as the keen eyed Jose isn’t getting any breaks on close calls and thus is taking a lot of third called strikes. Now imagine you are E.E. or who ever bats fifth and Jose has just gone wild on the umps by showing them up. Good luck E.E. on getting a break.

    Amazing stats for the Jays, magnificent in the late part of last season and the playoffs. But he is a me first guy, with his teammates coming second. He has about 140 days left as a Jay as Rogers will simply allow him to shop his wares else where. Good luck Jose.
    We shall see how many games he gets for putting in a slide that guaranteed a double play with his team down one run. What ever he gets will hurt the Jays. But yeah he sure showed those thug Rangers. Now I’m sure some of the crayon crowd will throw some chin music and have a Jose hissy fit over my posting. But rememnber who the real enemy is the nickle and diming Rogers corporation.