Breaking: Troy Tulowitzki? — Jays SS leaves game in the 7th inning

Troy Tulowitzki
Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this isn’t going well.

The Blue Jays are, again, struggling at the dish, finding themselves behind the Yankees 6-0 at the time of this writing. And now Troy Tulowitzki, who had finally (maybe?) been starting to show some signs of life with the bat, has exited the game for reasons that have yet to be fully explained.

Tulo reached via the walk in the top of the 7th inning, then moved to second with DH Jimmy Parades up, shaking and stretching his leg after the slide, as Barry Davis notes. Tulo did not return to the game for the bottom of the frame.

It is, at the very least, a precautionary move. It also means that Russell Martin is in at second base, since Darwin Barney had been removed for pinch hitter Justin Smoak while Tulo was on base. But the mild fun of again seeing Martin at second is not enough to offset the fears of what this could portend for the fragile superstar.

Hey, but at least the bullpen is also still trash!

Nothing to get too worried about just yet, but Tulo’s near-constant battles with injuries don’t exactly make you feel certain that it will definitely be nothing.

This post would have been updated as more information became available… uh… except that it did: Shi Davidi tweeted shortly after the game that Tulowitzki left with tightness in his right quad and will be reevaluated on Wednesday.

That tweet was, of course, immediately replied to by morons rushing to puke out garbage like, “No loss,” “hes [sic] trash anyway,” and “can parades [sic] play SS?”

Holy shit, I wish I was even kidding.

Anyway, Tulo told Shi, and other reporters, that he made the call himself, feeling that he needed to get out of the game, for fear of doing more damage. But he says he’s hopeful that he’ll wake up feeling good enough to get some treatment and get himself into the lineup tomorrow. So… good?

  • Steve-O

    I don’t understand why the bats haven’t gotten going.

    They are now 0-21 when allowing 4+ runs. I mean, what the eff? Even going 5-16 in that scenario makes their record look a lot more palatable.

    And if they were hitting anywhere close to like they were last year, I’d bet on more than a 5 game swing in their record.

    I just don’t get it.