Let’s make this official: Disqus comments are back!


The folks at the Nation Network have unleashed a huge upgrade to the commenting system here at BlueJaysNation.com, as you’ll now see that every post has comments powered by Disqus — the same one as you may remember from my previous site.

Or… actually, Disqus has been back for a couple of days, and you may have noticed me mentioning it on Twitter, but I figured that for those who missed all that, it was best to make a big announcement, so here it is!

I won’t get too navel-gazey about it all, but hopefully this means that the comments will start to turn back into the vibrant cesspool we all knew and loved enjoyed. It certainly means that the heavy-handed “pretend your mom is looking over your shoulder” stuff is out the fucking window. (Which isn’t to say it’s not going to be moderated or that I’m going to tolerate garbage, just that you can go ahead and be yourselves maybe more than you felt you could previously).

So have at it! I mean, what could spark a scintillating discussion better than a two-game series between the Blue Jays and the Arizona Diamondbacks, amiright? And now we have a much, much more powerful way to do that.

Please let me know if there are any issues or any tweaks to the Disqus settings that I might want to consider. Thanks!