Wait, what? The Blue Jays did a #TBT to Roger Clemens?

#TBT to 1997 and Roger Clemens striking out 16 in his return to Fenway Park.

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I… uh…

I really thought teams preferred to pretend that Roger Clemens doesn’t exist, didn’t exist, and will never exist again. And yet… here we are.

And also here, on Twitter, with video!:

And there was also a Facebook post about it.


I mean, I don’t care. In fact, I don’t think teams should get to whitewash away that uncomfortable little piece of history, which they were certainly more culpable in allowing to happen — as were the fans and media who now get so righteous about it — than the demonize-individual-users-only approach that’s usually taken to the subject suggests. I just figured no team would actually want to go there. As a point of pride almost.


But good on the Jays’ social media intern. Maybe now that Barry Bonds is back in the game as the Marlins’ hitting coach we’re really moving past some of this muck, and this is another way in which we’re seeing it. Still… it’s just weird seeing the official Jays accounts going, “HEY GUYS, LOOK! IT’S ROGER CLEMENS!” LOL.