Franklin Morales not released!

Marco Estrada
Not Franklin Morales. Photo credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Finally! Was the suspense killing you?

Yes, our breathless anticipation as we waited for word on the resolution of the Franklin Morales situation has ended! Morales is freed! Er… from the DL.

In order to get Morales on the roster the Jays have decided to send Aaron Loup back to the purgatory of Buffalo for five weeks or so, optioning him down in order to activate Morales, the $2-million left-handed reliever.

Makes sense. The Jays were, by this point, committed to paying him that money anyway, and Loup could be optioned — and was hardly setting the world on fire, and hardly getting the chance to, having faced only three batters since the 3rd of this month.

Morales has been hurt most of the year, having recorded just two outs for the Jays this year, and doesn’t appear to have been blowing anybody away in his prolonged rehab stint. Aaaand he has hardly been any great shakes in his career, though last season with the Royals he was decent enough. So… sure. Might as well give him an opportunity — especially since Brett Cecil’s struggles mean the Jays could use someone with a chance to actually get some lefties out in important spots.

Oh yeah, and Marco Estrada is healthy and set to start tonight in the series-opener against the Mariners. (Also: Dustin Antolin DFA.)

As a result the club has sent down Andy Burns. They’ve got an eight-man bullpen now, and early next week should send out Junior Lake to make way for the return of Jose Bautista.

That leaves their bench pretty short for the time being. We might see Russell Martin at second base if anything happens — an injury or ejection — to more than one infielder. But Ryan Goins continues rehabbing in Buffalo as well, and should be back soon. At the expense of whom, though? Maybe Morales. Maybe… Drew Storen? But most likely Bo Shultz, barring anything unforseen.

Soak up that big league atmosphere while you can, Bo! Now let’s see if Morales isn’t useless or what.