Video: Kevin Pillar “shows off” his Toronto home

Kevin Pillar
Photo credit: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, so maybe “shows off” is a stretch, since he’s kinda just sitting there.

And, y’know, maybe it’s one of those cookie cutter condos, and maybe there are no outstanding shots of him eating a chicken dog outside the Rogers Centre, and maaaaaaybe he thought Canada was going to be cold year round when he got here.

But at least Kevin Pillar pronounces Toronto correctly!

Anyway, here is the Jays centre fielder showing off his home. Aaand also some tasty b-roll of Java House on Queen Street, for some reason…

Not bad. Interesting enough.

Though it sure as hell isn’t going to inspire an absolute gem like this from Ian over at the Blue Jay Hunter:

Now that’s gold!