Oh no!: “Proof” that the Jays’ Wild Card walk-off win was scripted!

Edwin Encarnacion and Zeke
Ordinary parrot, or avatar of the secret cabal scripting sports scores? You decide! Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

You see, folks, the Jays victory last night wasn’t even a victory at all. As great as it was, it will always be tainted by the fact that it was totally scripted by “the free masons that run pro sports worldwide, scripting them by the numbers — for the sake of gambling, for the sake of making the games exciting, memorable, like this evening.”

Or so says this video! Which offers compelling evidence of the theory, such as: 74! 33! Oregon! Uh… the English Ordinal system!

Have a look for yourself, check out the page our man is looking at over at free to find truth, and tell me you’re not convinced:

I’m sorry, you guys. I hate to be the bearer of bad news like this. But you just can’t argue with numbers.