This Week in Blue Jays #Content: Donaldson, Stroman, Biagini, Pompey, Bautista

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I wouldn’t go expecting this to become a regular feature around here until you actually see me doing this “on the reg” as the kids might have said several years ago, but a fun thing we can do today — as I catch up on just what the hell has been going on in BlueJayLand in my time away from my desk — is check out a whole bunch of interesting off-field things of note!

If nothing else, it will provide us of a stark reminder of the vast, barren content-scape ahead of us between the time the hotstove dies down and Spring Training begins in earnest Dunedin. So on that upbeat note, let’s check out some #content!

Josh Donaldson

The Bringer of Rain, fresh off a fourth place finish in AL MVP voting (and a last place finish in the race for MVP of my heart — assuming his “unlike” in this tweet means what I hope it doesn’t), has gotten himself a new hair colour! Which… uh… is… this:

You be you, Joshy. Or, even better, you be you only slightly better informed about the damn world. (OK, I’m done on that subject, you may proceed without fear of further lane changes).

Marcus Stroman

Is there a Blue Jays player with a stronger off-season or social media game than Marcus Stroman? Is there any ballplayer, really?

When he wasn’t tweeting out sneak peaks at his upcoming HDMH apparel line, or speaking at some kind of insufferable buzzword conference, Stroman has been retweeting all the love he’s got for the track he dropped this week with his buddy Mike Stud, called Shine.

VICE SPORTS has some details about the ongoing collaboration between Stro and Stud, which I can’t be arsed to regurgitate myself.

Joe Biagini

You may recall that Joe Biagini happened to be in Jimmy Fallon’s audience the other week. And that he happened to get on camera at the end of the show. And happened to be in an aisle seat — a total mistake, as I explained in my piece on the surprise appearance. Aaaand that he happened to receive a particularly piss poor high five from America’s favourite sentient muppet.

It turns out that a bunch of people noticed the shitty exchange of fives, and so Fallon invited Biagini back on the show to rectify the situation.

Judging by this and Fallon’s fawning normalization of a certain unscrupulous con man back during the U.S. election campaign, one can only surmise that he’s one of those types that believes “all fives matter.” (Ugh. Sorry.)

Biagini spoke about the high five, among other Biagini-ish things, with Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette on MLB Network Radio on Tuesday.

Dalton Pompey

Hey, did you hear that Dalton Pompey’s dad used to be a dancer on Electric Circus?


As you can see, Pompey’s dad was also something of a musician back in the day. But be sure to click the link in that tweet for the exclusive Toronto Mike story, because it’s damn delightful.

Jose Bautista

Lastly, we’ll end on a small note — but a kind of interesting one, as it turns out that Jose Bautista is involved in a new business venture…

Apologies for making you look at Darren Rovell, but that’s kinda nifty. Seems ol’ Jose’s time in the great white north has had an impact on his sport watching habits. He’s a hockey fan!

Or… y’know… he just knows all too well who makes the real money in this industry.