Redditors Theorizing About a Stroman/Sanchez Feud

Sanchez Stroman Meme
Brilliant image/use of meme via itsdgc.

I don’t think we should particularly care too much about the private lives of the players on the teams we follow — or maybe it’s just that I personally don’t care — and so I hesitate to get into this, but given the way certain players have made the private public as part of their brand, maybe some folks over at /r/TorontoBlueJays have a conspiracy theory (or, at least, some kind of a theory) worth pondering.

Like Redditor sugardaddymac, I noticed that almost immediately after news broke that Aaron Sanchez had hired Scott Boras as his agent, Marcus Stroman tweeted, “Be extremely cautious of who you let in your life and put on your wave.” I didn’t think much of it at the time, beyond the fact that the timing was funny given the Boras news and the way people tend to think negatively of Boras.

The aforementioned Redditor thought a little more of it, it turns out.

“Stroman and Sanchez usually post a bunch of off season videos of them together but haven’t this year,” he wrote, prior to pointing out the possibly cryptic tweet. “Then I looked and saw that Stroman no longer follows Sanchez on Twitter or Instagram and that Sanchez doesn’t follow Stroman on twitter. Sanchez still follows Stroman on instagram but hasn’t posted since September.”

To be clear, I have not vetted any of that information, because this is a post about what people on Reddit are theorizing, not one about what may or may not actually be happening between a couple of Jays teammates! *COUGH*

Another poster, BettyWhiteOnSteroids, dug a deeper in a follow-up comment:

It is really strange, I had a look at Stroman’s Twitter mentions and it’s a drastic change.

From the time the Jays were eliminated by the Royals in 2015, to this date a year ago, Stroman tagged Sanchez exactly 50 times times, a lot of them being photos of various events that they attended together. This year? Stroman hasn’t tagged Sanchez a single time since October 3rd, the end of the regular season.

Edit: Furthermore, Stroman and Sanchez used to post a ton of pictures of them together, I can’t find a single one of them together this offseason. And it’s not like Stroman has stopped posting pictures. Instead Ive found pictures of Stroman with Machado, Betances, Fowler and Betts, Stroman with Russell Westbrook, Stroman with Donaldson, Stroman with Ortiz, Stroman with Fowler and Sabbathia, Stroman with Donaldson again, Stroman with Goins, and Stroman with Bautista, as well as a whole bunch more of Srroman with his friends.

Additionally towards the end of the season, Stroman posted pictures of Donaldson wearing HDMH apparel, as well as Pillar and Travis, but again nothing with Sanchez.

For two guys who were supposedly “best friends” they do seem pretty distant.

I mean, so what, right? It feels a touch unseemly to care whether young ballplaying dudes want to hang out with each other off the field or not. We all have relationships with people that come and go, or that at least ebb and flow. And maybe that’s what this is, maybe it’s not.

But here on the internet in the era of social media, people sure as hell are going to notice and wonder.

And since we’re noticing, another Redditor, Enter0846, puts forth a theory that maybe this could have something to do with the fact that Sanchez had previously been represented by Greg Genske’s The Legacy Agency, which also happens to be the agency that still represents Stroman.

Or, he correctly notes, maybe the answer is way more boring than any of this wild speculation makes it seem. Maybe there is no answer and no ill feelings and I’m being trash for amplifying any of this.

I’d rather not speculate, myself, on that or on any other element of it. But, especially in the baseball-content desert that is early January, this is indeed a thing that people are talking about. Hmmmm…