Spring Threat: Good Content And Better Memes! Red Sox @ Blue Jays

Open this link for your favourite meme’s, fellow kids!

What in the fuck? The Blue Jays social media team is trying to relate to the cool, hip, and happening teens, clearly, but holy shit, do they not know what a meme is? What do these people think is relevant internet culture right now? The O RLY owl and Snakes on a Plane?! I pity the 22-year-old communications intern who had to smile and nod through this, my goodness.

Bad news out of the World Baseball Classic, as Dalton Pompey suffered a concussion over the weekend in Canada’s loss to Colombia. It was an ugly, ugly, ugggglllllyyyy tournament overall for the Canadians, but this is much worse than any of their lopsided losses. I wasn’t expecting Pompey to crack the lineup out of spring, personally, but the path for him to play well in the minors and work his way into a starting role a month or two into the season is pretty clear right now, so this would be an unfortunate setback for him.

Speaking of Team Canada, Ernie Whitt had some strong words for the guys — Russell Martin, Joey Votto, Michael Saunders, etc — who didn’t show up to play for their country. The point made is fair, to be honest. As Mike Cormack says, the program does a lot for them when they’re growing up as young adults or teenagers playing at the elite level, so it would be a very nice gesture if they supported the program on the biggest stage.

Again with the Canadians… The Blue Jays aren’t likely to pursue the now-free-agent Brett Lawrie, despite what was reported last week. I think we’ve been over this enough times, but Lawrie isn’t much of an upgrade, even over the options the Jays have in their somewhat-thin infield.

Mike Wilner put together his best guess at what 25-man team the Blue Jays are going to take north with them to start the season, and, well, there aren’t many surprises.

He has Devon Travis and Glenn Sparkman on the DL to start the season, meaning Ryan Goins makes the team, and the Jays don’t have to yet make a decision on their Rule 5 pickup. Wilner has Bo Schultz making the team with the rationale of him being out of options, which, sure, I guess? I don’t think anybody has been significantly better. He also has Aaron Loup making the team as the second lefty, despite Tim Mayza and Ryan Borucki’s excellent performances.

And, unsurprisingly, Dalton Pompey doesn’t crack the team, and the Jays begin the season with a Melvin Upton/Zeke Carrera platoon in left field, which is something we’re likely going to have to swallow for at least a month this year.


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And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Kevin Pillar (R) CF

Troy Tulowitzki (R) SS

Kendrys Morales (S) DH

Melvin Upton Jr. (R) LF

Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S) C

Justin Smoak (S) 1B

Darrell Ceciliani (L) RF

Darwin Barney (R) 2B

Ryan Goins (L) 3B

J.A. Happ (L) SP

Red Socks

Brock Holt (L) SS

Josh Rutledge (R) 2B

Andrew Benintendi (L) CF

Allen Craig (R) 1B

Mitch Moreland (L) DH

Bryce Brentz (R) LF

Rusney Castillo (R) RF

Rafael Devers (L) 3B

Christian Vazquez (R) C

Steven Wright (R) SP

    • Kyball

      He could have gotten hurt playing in a spring training game too. It happened on a routine slide into second, that has nothing to do with playing in the WBC.
      By this logic, no one should play in the WBC.

          • allstev

            The one he had last year screwed him up for months, concussions get worse the more you get. So down time with the injury, he’ll then have to get up to speed, and then have to try and make the big club, with a front office that doesn’t seem too high on him, good luck. I think his season is shot pretty much. If you think that’s ridiculous then meh.

        • Kyball

          Well I mean yeah, that’s another solution as well. And while it is infinitely less ridiculous than suggesting that he shouldn’t have played in the WBC, it’s still somewhat asinine. Players slide head first all the time. Almost every single time a player slides head first, it’s perfectly fine.
          Players also hurt themselves sliding feet first as well. But again, almost every single time they do slide feet first, it’s perfectly fine.
          Obviously the potential severity of a head first slide injury is higher than a feet first slide injury, but who’s to say that sliding feet first into second doesn’t up turn the player covering second, causing them to flip over and come down elbow first onto your head leading to a concussion?

          So really, your comment seems to be sying “don’t slide head first. but also, don’t slide. and also, don’t dive to catch a ball. also, don’t try to catch a ball near the wall incase you hit it. also, don’t go near another player, just in case. also don’t run full speed. also, probably just don’t be physical. Also, don’t get on a bus to go to your games in case you crash. also, don’t fly to a game in case it crashes.”

          It’s a freak accident.

  • Barry

    Is the social media person behind the “meme” thing the same person who came up with the illiterate #LetsRise hashtag? Now I’ve got to sit through an entire fucking year of screaming for a goddamn apostrophe. Thanks, knuckle-dragging-social-media-halfwit.

    And this will be the year we win the World Series and I’m stuck with a rally-towel keepsake that has that hashtag on it.