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Ángel Pagán Supposedly To Choose a Team Within 48 Hours, Jays Possibly In the Mix

Your usual Jim Bowden caveats apply here — perhaps more than usual, in fact — but according to the former GM and current ESPN man, free agent outfielder Ángel Pagán is going to decide at some point in the next 48 hours which team he’s going to sign a contract with.

Specifically, on ESPN’s utterly pointless ESPN Now thing Pagán’s agent Bowden lays this on us:

Ángel Pagán is expected to make a decision in the next 48 hours on where he is going to sign with Toronto, SF, Padres, Atlanta and Tigers all having expressed interest. Pagán WBC performance certainly helped his value.


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Here’s the thing about this one: while Pagán may have helped his case by looking healthy and entirely fine at the WBC, what hasn’t helped his case is the fact that guys like Alejandro de Aza and (to a lesser extent) Ryan Raburn — both of whom I discussed in an earlier post — have entered the market as teams start to make their final cuts before Opening Day.

So, could this be an agent trying to create the impression of a market where there isn’t one? Uh… this tweet doesn’t exactly make me think that it isn’t:

So let’s not maybe get too excited about all this just yet.

On the other hand…

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Do it!!! Or… y’know… just… do something!

Keegan Matheson notes that he’s hearing the Jays are keeping close tabs on the names of any starting pitchers who may become available over the course of the next week due to cuts or opt-outs, so maybe it was only that. Or maybe literally anything else.

Still, it seems like there’s a real chance that there could be a little twist still to come before the Jays’ Opening Day roster is complete. Maybe not a big twist, but a couple tasty little moves are really all that they need…

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