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Blue Jays sign Chris Coghlan to Minor League deal

You’ve been asking for it all spring, and here it is. The Blue Jays have inked left-handed hitting outfielder Chris Coghlan to a minor league contract. Outfield depth!

Apparently Coghlan will start the season with Triple-A Buffalo, giving the Blue Jays some flexibility in the short term to figure out where he fits on the roster and who’s spot he’s going to take. Logic would suggest that Coghlan and Melvin Upton would make an excellent platoon, because one hits righties well and the other hits lefties well, but the Jays seem to like the idea of the Upton/Zeke Carrera platoon (despite Zeke’s reverse splits), for whatever reason.

Coghlan had a terrible season last year, but was worth 3.3 wins in 2015 and 2.4 wins in 2014 with the Chicago Cubs. Last winter, the Cubs dealt him to Oakland, where everything went to hell. He slashed a .146/.215/.272 line with the A’s before being traded back to Chicago in June, where he improved his numbers all the way up to a respectable .252/.391/.388 slash, and was a depth player on their World Series winning roster.

We’ll have more of an idea on where Coghlan fits later today, as the Jays are expected to make their final cuts after the game in Montreal. That said, the team is apparently still going to be active in looking for upgrades on the waiver wire as teams make final cuts of their own, so there could be even more changes than expected.

    • Mose


      Upton is out and Coghlan has been added, and with Atkins talk of values when discussing Gibbons extension, it seems the Jays are placing more emphasis on solid team guys, especially for the last couple roster spots. Although I’m cherry picking, I don’t think Upton is that player, as I haven’t seen his athleticism translate into stolen bases, OBP or good defense. But maybe he makes a great cup of joe…

      I’m also starting to think the Jays more outfield depth and options with Barney and Goins. And yes, neither one is going to dominate with the bat, but both bring speed and some small ball to the roster, and both are strong defensively. If Gibbers is more comfortable seeing Morales as first, that also gives the Jays a window do DH/rest their studs periodically, with no drop off in the field.

      It’s going to be exciting to see what the Jays continue to do to improve this club, and who steps up and cashes in on the opportunity in the OF and at 1st.

      • Cam Lewis

        I have a feeling they aren’t 100% on Travis just yet, and will pull the trigger quickly on a DL stint for him early in the season if necessary, so they want both Goins and Barney for that.

  • Stimpymustwin

    Ya. Maybe they project Coghlan to be better than Upton Jr. this year and he only signed here due to the door opening with Upton Jr. not being here… I don’t know. I’m grasping.

    It’s not like Upton Jr. is a world beater, but his lefty mashing numbers have a whole lot more value than I see Goins providing this team… there must be more to this story than we know (coghlin scenario I outlined, some “clubhouse issue” that hasn’t come to light, Gibbons not having faith in him… I don’t know…)

  • Player to Be Named Later

    Well, ho-lee-shit. Did not see this coming. Guess we just have to trust the brain trust on this one.

    And here I was not two days ago saying “Man, I just have this feeling that Upton’s gonna be solid for us this year.” Hah – fucking spring predictions, eh?

    And I liked Bolsinger as starter depth (of the dire emergency kind…) Will he pass through waivers and make it to Buffalo?

  • AD

    Im losing confidence in this front office. Why the fuck are you keeping goins when you have barney. You need a righty platoon mate for carrera( who sucks btw too) who is your backup cf as well? You have smoak playing everyday at 1b it seems like now since they will need pearce in LF vs lefties. Do these guys know what they’re doing? Like come the fuck on. Coghlan was an ok signing tho, I’ll give them that.