Introducing Daily Dugout

Fantasy baseball people! The people who run Daily Faceoff, The Nation Network’s excellent fantasy hockey website, have expanded into the world of baseball this summer, launching a new fantasy baseball resource called Daily Dugout.

Like Daily Faceoff, Daily Dugout will have all of your fantasy needs for the baseball season. The day’s games, starting pitchers, lineups, roster moves, injury updates, player stats, and multiple other features are available on the site.

Here’s a preview:

Starting pitchers:

The starting pitchers page gives you every game’s starting pitcher for the day, and also features up-to-the-hour weather information.

Starting lineups:

Updated daily will be each team’s starting lineups, so you’ll know as soon as possible who’s in and who’s out.

Team pages:

On the team’s page, you’ll see its most recent lineup and defensive alignment, and from there, you’ll be able to click around to find recent news, transactions, and links to player pages.

Player pages:

And finally, each player will have a page that breaks down their individual statistics.

Head over and check it out! They do a damn good job at getting player information, lineups, and everything together as quickly and as accurately as possible. If you’ve ever used Daily Faceoff, you’ll be excited for what’s in store this summer.