Jays win 5-2! The Stro Show on Display

Yesssss. There we go. That was the kind of win we expected to see from this Jays team.

Things that were good

  • Marcus Stroman was sooooooo good tonight. He went six-and-one-third innings, allowing one earned run on six hits, two walks, while striking out five. He recorded 19 outs in total, and 12 of them were on the ground. The Rays barely got any hard contact off of him throughout the game, which is a very, very good sign, because the Rays low-key have an excellent power hitting lineup.
  • The Jays are very good at stopping the other team from scoring runs. Two years ago, the team had to score, like, nine runs to win games because their defence was shaky and their pitching was baaaaad. Now, as we saw tonight, they have great starters, strong relief, and very good defence all around the field. Josh Donaldson make a nice double play to get Marcus Stroman/Joe Biagini out of a jam in the seventh inning, and the infielders were automatic on all of Stroman’s ground balls.
  • Kendrys Morales has driven in five of the Blue Jays’ eight runs this season, four of them coming on a monster grand slam off of Blake Snell. Morales crushed a pitch to the goddamn moon, I swear I thought it was going to burst through the roof at The Trop.

Things that were not good

  • Uhhhhhh… It’s hard to come up with negatives when you win a game 5-1, so fuck it! That was a good game. Russell Martin and Troy Tulowitzki still aren’t hitting, well, nobody really is, as the team only actually got six hits, but whatever. The bats will come around, and this is a team build to succeed around its pitching and defence.
  • The ninth inning was kiiiiind of stressful, but, it was all good.

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Next up:

The Jays will play in Tampa again tomorrow night, as Francisco Liriano will make his season debut against Matt Andriese.