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Josh Donaldson Leaves Game With “Right Calf Tightness”

The Blue Jays are off to a very unfortunate start this season, and it appears things may have just gotten worse. Josh Donaldson exited today’s game after running out a ground ball to third base. It’s being called ‘right calf tightness’, which is the same injury that kept him out of action for the majority of spring training.

I really don’t need to walk you through how bad this would be if Donaldson is forced to miss any time. He’s the team’s most important player, and he’s also the only one hitting on the team right now. Let’s all holf hands and pray that this isn’t serious.

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    • Mule or etc...

      2013 Pirates. Six games is 3.7% of the season. If you still feel the need to panic I suggest turning to world affairs until at least the All-Star break.

        • Mule or etc...

          Yeah, it’s not ideal. But Baltimore is tough and Tampa Bay at home is just a nightmare for the Jays. They have the rebuilding Brewers at home next and it’s not hard to see them sweeping that series.

          I don’t think there is any short term deadline. Shakins unwillingness to sacrifice any minor league talent to improve the roster this offseason suggests their taking the long view when it comes to developing the club. I don’t consider this a negative. I actually think it’s quite remarkable the talent they were able to acquire without giving up anything but cash.

      • lukewarmwater

        Mule, Jay fans should relax the way leaf fans did this year. We knew that the club would be more entertaining and surprise, surprise, they made the playoffs. Should the Jays with their talent and leadership get into the playoffs, GREAT, If they falter due to injuries and lack of depth, NO PROBLEM , as we can be a seller come the trade deadline and continue to rebuild the farm system as the cupboard had been left bare by A.A. Relax people and sit back and enjoy the game played by the boys of summer.

  • lukewarmwater

    Good point by Mule as usual. We might call Baltimore trash birds, but that bullpen and their hitting power is going to win a lot of games. Add in the factor that we crap the bed against Tampa especially in their band box, but I do remember one series in Toronto where the Rays beat the snot out of the Jays. So there is 38 tough games there and add in the talented Red Sox club and this is one hell of a tough division for the Jays. Oh yeah don’t forget playing in New York with Joe Torre making decisions on controversial plays, doesn’t exactly favour the Jays who as I recall had the worst percentage of calls going their way in the entire freaking league. Jays have their work cut out for them. Lots of talent on this team along with leadership so time for everyone to take a deep breath.